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Found 8 results

  1. Hi mates i missed all of you and i miss playing in #2 viva server. Hope u all fine. For two weeks or more of that and till now i can't play in your servers , i'm get kick and the cuz is "Too High Ping"!! , i have reset the nano station & the router and format the pc, and i have the same state. I have one server i can play on and they don't kicked me even if my ping reached 999!!! And all other servers kicked me Any advise to help me to get same ping i used to played on it last month e.g if i change the cable of nano station? Thanks all.
  2. Hi VIVA's Hope You ALL Fine! I Guess Most Of You See Me In The Server #2 , And My Gameplay Is Shit I Know That ,So If You Don't Mind I Need Some Of Your Advises To be better Than Now. And I Want To Thanks The Leader Of VIVA Squad @MoJo For his Invitation To Learn From VIVA'S Players. Hope You Will Help Me. Thank To Every One Will See The Post
  3. Hi, I was unfortunately banned on your servers today. I must have said something I should not and for that I am sorry. I hope you can forgive my "insensitivity" and let me stay. I'll behave. Cheers!
  4. Greetings, So I just found out I am banned from your Silk Road 24/7 server. I don't even recall that I was banned because well I've never been banned from any server before as far as I know. However, it did say in the notice that I was banned for "Abusive language, wishing death". My soldier name is "-SYR-MALEKRM". I would be grateful if you could tell me what I wrongfully said so that I can do what is neccessary to get unbanned. I apologise in advance for my behaviour if I had said something wrong, I must have been mad at someone I suspected of cheating/hacking. Many thanks Malek
  5. BigWar

    Hello fellow soldiers ! I am happy to inform VIVA about the upcoming Bigwars. This tradition started way back in the 1942 days and continued through Battlefield 2. We are so happy to see the fabulous spectator system from DICE and the commander is back in Battlefield 4. Bigwars are organized events with radio discipline, but unformal and everyone is invited to take part. is much like we imagine VIVA is, but more about that in the end of this announcement. A lot of our players enjoy the VIVA servers and play with you on a regular basis. BIGWAR is organized play with 33 players on each side, including commanders. We put each squad in separate channels on voip with the squad leader as the only player in the squad that communicates with the commander. The commanders job is to keep the tactics and relay information between the squads, as the commander is the only player that has the strategic overview, and need the squad leaders to execute orders. We play this in classic mode, focusing on communication and team-play. For intencity and strategic gameplay the 3D-spotting is turned off and Squad Leader spawn only. Choose your targets carefully as friendly fire can be deadly and even loose the push your team is trying to achive. We have kept this concept alive since the BF2 days and in total we have done over 100 Bigwars. The Bigwars arranged by are open to all players, and it does not matter if your a veteran or a new player - everyone is welcome to join. We have seen new relations between players have been made, just by being a part of the Bigwars, new clans and even new communities. Bigwars are a social event in the Battlefield series. Even players from DICE have joined as players in Bigwars, after all...some of the developers at DICE started playing at back in the days and made map mods, new game modes etc. We want to get VIVA involved and play together. Bigwars against other communities are the most popular, and a good way to get to know eachother. We have a friendly tone and Bigwars are not typical e-sport, but more a get together and have fun for 3 hours. Depending on how your community wants to arrange it, the planning and the time leading up to the Bigwar can be just as fun as the match itself. Matches will be broadcasted on our YouTube Channel in full HD and with commentaries. As broadcasting goes, we cater to the Scandinavian public and emulate a real TV broadcast, but we invite VIVA representative as a guest commentator - this will make it more interesting to your players and public. In ours treams we try to add a segment from gaming personalities that have contributed to the Battlefield series, as examples we have the Swede & JankMan who where one of the first streamers in the world that featured Battlefield on national TV, and maybe the first to actually stream gaming to the public back in the days. On another Bigwar we featured Daskro. Since we started up in Battlefield 4, and continued the tradition that began in 2003, we see how popular this event has become in Norway and we wish to thank both Sweeden and Denmark who have provided us with even more exciting matches. The Bigwars are phenomenal community building events and we try to host 1 special event each month against other communities or countries. We wish to invite VIVA to take part and "spread the good word". At the end of the day, we all spend a lot of time in the game. So, why not get together and do something fun? Some of our most popular events filled up in under 1 minute after we opened the signups, and players where hitting F5 so hard that the server actually broke due to interest for our Bigwars at "this is a huge and exciting reward for us, we do this on our spare time and for the fun of Battlefield multiplayer", says one of the admins for Bigwar concept. SCHEDULE Event is announced 2 weeks in advance with signups opening 1 week before event. 2000 hours: Teams meet up and are assigned channels, set up whisper and get ready. Any tactics and Squad based orders are discussed - Get ready time 2030 hours: Streaming channel opens, pre war information goes out on every channel. Last check for teams are full, waiting list is used to fill up any remaining slots 2100 hours: Round 1 starts and lasts for 2000 tickets or 45 minutes, whatever is done first 2145 hours: 10 minutes break - change of sides 2200 hours: Round 2 starts an last for 2000 tickets or 45 minutes, whatever is done first. 2245 hours: winner is announced, any prizes and stuff is given out on BWHQ channel, gather, interviews and post-talk with everyone who wants to participate. A typical beginning of the cast and the following match Typical announce and following news Announce Followup Aftermovie made by one of the players and hello ABOUT BATTLEFIELD.NO is a gamer community open for everyone that wants to enjoy the multiplayer experience, or gaming in general. Much like we imagine VIVA. The forums where started in 2002 and have grown to gather over 27 000 members, mainly Norwegian and Scandinavians. We also invite members to contribute to the community with voluntary work as game and server administrators, web-technology and development, news desk and a variety of activities tied to the games we host. In other words, we are not bound to any economy goals, nor are we paid for the work we do. We host some of Scandinavia's largest server parks for varied games - all free of charge, and for the joy of the multiplayer experience. is linked to a greater network called Community Nanny, which serves as a starting hub with ready infrastructure to start game-communities. This totals 6 communities(at this time) plus, who are our main body and sponsor-link to servers and fiber-communications, they also rent out servers for clans and groups of players. We feel our site and network cover a wide range of users and readers. YouTube Channel with previous live streams and videos from the community (Playlists include previous Bigwars and related contentl) More news on frontpage: and Archived Hope to hear from you soon All the best, Christian "cri74" Dreyer - Editor in Chief Get in touch with me directly by mail - [email protected]
  6. I was playing some time ago on your #1 [VIVA] | All Weapons | 24/7 Conquest | Noobs Friendly server and well... I said something "unpleasent" to a guy who teabagged me. 5 second next I got ban "for being a dick". I understand that. I descended into that guy level, so i get banned. Any chance for mercy? ^^ It won't happen again. Im mature player. Playing since BF1942. It was just one time rage
  7. We are a new clan to this server, making a name for ourself. already got big fans like FerFox
  8. Plz admin unban me i was in vacation my little bros play on my acc suddenly i got this message Game disconnected: you have been banned from this server. Stated reason: no racism here is my profile btw thank u