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  1. yea mate most of em, mk2cartel, burnallthemk2s, mk2crew, mk2oc lol
  2. awesome! im just lookin at a 300mm tarox 6 pot setup now...................wondering if i can justify the near 2k price tag lol
  3. Syncro mate, although id love a country just for the hell of it At the moment ive got a mk2 with a vr6 lump sitting in it. Thats being pulled out in favour of an R32 engine later in the year
  4. After quite a lot of research, ive discovered that the process "seems" to be fairly straight forward. It would seem that in Germany a reg number is registered to a PERSON rather than a vehicle. So the process is basically, get the seller to De-register the car in his name, take it to a local auto office ..bit like a local DVLA branch, and get it put on export plates. This can also come with insurance for any EU country. So if i can figure out how to get that far then ill just drive it back lol
  5. Another mk2 golf. a 4x4 version though
  6. So later this year i am looking at buying a car from Germany. Yes, i know this is a little strange, but the exact car i want was only sold in Germany so thats where i have to go shopping lol :P. The question i have is this - what process/processes do i have to go through to de register the car in Germany and prepare it for export to the UK. And would anyone be willing to speak to the seller on my behalf if he/she doesnt speak English? I realise this is a pretty big favor to ask, so i am more than willing to pay someone for their efforts. tyvm <3
  7. Yes i believe this is the product the mavic is in direct competition with. Word of warning though, ive read somewhere that the Karma doesnt come with the camera as part of the kit!!?
  8. I think its the first one that has sort of bridged the gap and made it possible to capture close to professional quality video without having to invest a ton of time into mastering the mechanics of flight nor the money you would have to invest in professional grade equipment. Ill almost certainly be getting one, just a case of when really.
  9. Plenty of room up around near us, but that map is certainly useful to have
  10. Urbanites - 0 Country Bumpkins - 1 Pretty sure we arent under any such restrictions oop north? ..Besides its only illegal if they catch you You should watch some videos on the range that thing has, its craaaazy
  11. So tempted to pick up the new Mavic pro from DJI. Super compact and gives you the ability to get some awesome footage that you wouldnt be able to otherwise. Pricey at 1k mind lol
  12. Disappointing to see yet another WP member here.