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  1. For me I'm just more drawn to more competitive games i.e the overwatch ladder grind
  2. Well that would certainly be embaressing. Btw I just reinstalled RS siege if you fancy a game at some point
  3. in fairness he used to build PC's for a living I don't think he is so ignorant
  4. FUCK ME!!! The most intense vomit ever! Good job man!!
  5. also this is an issue for sure (quote from the article above): Concerningly, it doesn't appear that you'll be able to kick or ban players from servers you own, at least at launch. As the EA blog reads: "One of the top requested features if [sic] the Kick/Ban feature. We hear you and are working on rolling that out after the launch of the [Rental Server Program]."
  6. My thoughts would be we can sample one for a week and see how it goes, if its not up to snuff, move on.
  7. Prices revealed http://www.pcgamer.com/battlefield-1-server-rental-prices-revealed/
  9. i just hope we have some sort of kick/ban feature. If we can't sort out the arse holes in our own server it might as well not be ours.
  10. I think MoJo is in love
  11. I was think of just old timing my name a bit. Something like "Montgomery Maneuver the 56th"
  12. Gaming 121% UFO haha
  13. Good luck man, let me know how you get on