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  1. Saw the same on FB .... people are so creative
  2. Its a good game ....... but tough one.
  3. I generally play on weekends. IST 12 am to 7 am. On weekdays it is 10.30 pm to 1 pm approx.
  4. Yeah i play with mojo, sky, manti
  5. Did he daily play on viva server?
  6. Thanks Mojo
  7. It is BE or for Bachelors and ME or for Masters. Btw sry for my bad english
  8. Namaste we have engineers with diploma as well as with degree. BE terminology is used for degree.
  9. Thanks for wishes.
  10. I am from India. Doing job in a MNC. Mechanical engineer with BE. First game - Need For Speed World and had great time. ign - JOT7SIX. Current Game - BF4 Have 2 accounts GAMEOVER_JOT CriminalMind_76 I am having fun in viva server and mostly i play in viva only. I dont like single player games. They are too casual and boring. Hobbies - listening music , gaming , travelling on my bike