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  1. Dude I hope you enjoy !horsedildo
  2. Server looks little bit empty this time... Everybody on BF1?
  3. Understood. Now I only drink casual when play. I try really hard guys.
  4. Gentlemans (and ladies, if theres any) thank you for another chance. I´ll follow my promises and "Don´t be dick." rule. THANK YOU
  5. Btw, longest 24-48 hours of my life. just kidding
  6. MrIbra, at first thank you for respond. At second, yes, I understand highlighted lines very clear (no doubt that their clear reason for ban). I dont have anything to say now. Othervise I hope that others non-highlited are not ban - leading, are they? (just curious), because as I wrote, its mostly jokes with other players, jokes and whole discussion is best thing on your server!
  7. Thank you El Guapo. I can promise to not to write ANY of unacceptable message again. Of course it depend on view (as I declared at my explenation of each line), but I will follow - "less its better" rule for typing at Viva servers now.
  8. Thx DivXion for respond and luck wish , its clear that first two highlighted are from same 2 minutes, just sayin. Im really sad about that and looking forward for some solution, cause I love that server as much as this game.
  9. What elso should I do? I respond to all posted lines (not only highlighted ones). Im otherwise very polite to other players, just take a look at my chat. When somebody ask, I try to help, when I begin game I say Hello everytime, I dont call anybody noob, etc.
  10. 23:19:41 Oct 21, 2016 D3V1lSGUARD Kill a commie, for your mommy? I didnt remember whole content, but its sentence from Johny Rammone from Rammones, but Im sorry for that! 23:06:12 Oct 21, 2016 D3V1lSGUARD hes some camelfucker 23:05:01 Oct 21, 2016 D3V1lSGUARD thats why muslims cant be pros Theres no any excuss (but as I sad, I was quite drunk). Im sorry for that, content from second line I already wrote, first line is from private chat if Im not wrong, but I also SORRY. 15:11:23 Oct 08, 2016 D3V1lSGUARD move nigg**s!!!! I was really angry, but Im sorry! 22:19:33 Oct 14, 2016 D3V1lSGUARD man switched lubricant with acid at gay bar I dont get why is this bad (it was news which I found) but I sorry again. 19:54:37 Oct 08, 2016 D3V1lSGUARD *Snackbar? It was reaction to Allahu Akbar, I dont feel sorry for this. It was reaction! (Which I wouldnt repeat, Im just honest) 21:35:18 Sep 16, 2016 D3V1lSGUARD My only hack is liquior. 21:08:08 Sep 16, 2016 D3V1lSGUARD sure, beer hack 22:04:19 Jul 15, 2016 D3V1lSGUARD aek hack 22:04:06 Jul 15, 2016 D3V1lSGUARD xbarny hack 100% 15:06:47 Feb 21, 2016 D3V1lSGUARD wallhack? 15:06:18 Feb 21, 2016 D3V1lSGUARD How? Because somebody is better is just hacker? Cmon First 4 is only jokes about private drink game with my buddy, last two is reaction on somebody´s cry about hacking. But I also try not to do it again. 21:44:46 Jun 27, 2016 D3V1lSGUARD How it was about that rape? I dont know content, If I remember it was reaction about base rape switch. Nothing insulting I think, but Im sorry for that also. 22:14:49 Aug 19, 2016 D3V1lSGUARD f****ing cockroach Reaction at non english conversation (If I remember right) for about 10 minutes! But I also SORRY. I will try to dont repeat these mistakes (and dont drink while play), please forgive me that.
  11. Hello guys. Im here for baggin for unban too. At first I want to say that I wrote it because I was drunk (mentioned my drink game with other player several times at chat0), but I know that is not apologize. I think is about sentence: "Thats why muslims cant be aces (or something like that)." If you read whole chat you see that it was reply on: If you want to be best you need more drink (something like that), and this answer is NOT rude to anybody, its quite clear that is only because muslims are forbidden to drink alcohol. But at all, Im really, really sorry about wrote anything like that. I try to NOT use ANY religion on chat (even at that private). Youre servers are one from few I play only. Please forgive me this mistake and give me chance.