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  1. nice ping better than mine lol
  2. He is not Lucky ,he is Cheating lol
  3. i'm in basra southern of iraq erbil in northern
  4. same when other using it. 120-160 or 80-120 in best times.
  5. when i start to play bf4 online every thing was perfect ping never go above 200 in normal time and best time it's not above 120 with 6 phones on connected on the same router. my problem started 2 or 3 weeks ago. now said that the ping is 210 ms !?
  6. give the permission to bf 4 only to use them.
  7. 3659,80 are only open. that's ok right ?
  8. that's make me mad lol yes man all our company very bad. ping 150 and stable it's perfect but unfortunately my ping spike till 999ms lol and never be stable in these days.
  9. i use both of ethernet and wifi and about 6-5 phones and the pc are connected to the router ,no torrent no any programs using the network in high way. in usually times rests at 120-or 130 and best time about 100. for two week it's in battlelog unstable from 135-999 ,when i play it's keep spike and down sometimes seconds and spike again till geting kicked.
  10. if u mean the port 3659 yes it's forwading manually and automatically. if u mean anothor thing i don't know about that! by the way it's bad time when u can't move in the battlefield cuz the lagg or ping
  11. sometimes with battlefield only. i'm from iraq, and here no one will receive the minimum speed that he paying for except in the mid night your speed will be better. and unfortunately there is no contract just "seller" and "buyer"!
  12. Hi mates i missed all of you and i miss playing in #2 viva server. Hope u all fine. For two weeks or more of that and till now i can't play in your servers , i'm get kick and the cuz is "Too High Ping"!! , i have reset the nano station & the router and format the pc, and i have the same state. I have one server i can play on and they don't kicked me even if my ping reached 999!!! And all other servers kicked me Any advise to help me to get same ping i used to played on it last month e.g if i change the cable of nano station? Thanks all.
  13. Happy birthday @MoJo
  14. Nice one