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  1. Welcome!
  2. lol no problem for noobs like me
  3. @Gypsyy91 Is that normal that i can't see your post or not ?!
  4. Kills with hipfiring using LMG, WTF! Nice videos Mate
  5. This May Help You !
  6. yeah i get it in my library ^^ thank's man
  7. ok mate & thank's ^^
  8. i'm play with under 30FPS and this make me upset, u play with 145FPS and not happy
  9. Thank's alot man When i bought my it was dedicated for games and to be sure just see the box of it the DPI is 800/1200/1600 The site don't give me the result cuz i'm not have the premium edition of BF4
  10. Yeah, i'll keep playing but killing from behind make me crazy Of course soon i will get pc that give me a good FPS ^^
  11. Hhhhhh yeah if you see the fifa 17 gameplay you will die from laugh on me most of time i play in slow motion I'm still trying to get the best Sensitivity / DPI ^^ Thank's mate #sorry if my english bad
  12. @Z3N1G4T4 Unfortunatelly My FPS Is Under 30 FPS Soon I Will Buy A New PC Resolution :1366 x 768 CPU:I5 3210 2.5 GHZ 4 CORE RAM:8 GB GPU:1GB NVIDIA GEFORCE 610M << VERY BAD I KNOW I HAVE IT FROM 2014 FOR STUDYING ^^ AND PLAY BF4 NOW Sensitivity :10 DPI :600-1200