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    Interviewer: How much milk do these cows give? Farmer: Which one? The Black one or the brown one? Interviewer: Brown one. Farmer: A couple of litres per day. Interviewer: And the black one? Farmer: A couple of litres per day. Interviewer(naturally a bit flummoxed): I see. What do you give them to eat? Farmer: Which one? Black or brown? Interviewer: Black. Farmer: It eats grass. Interviewer: And the other one? Farmer: Grass. Interviewer(now annoyed) : Why do you keep asking which one when the answers are the same?! Farmer: Because the black one’s mine. Interviewer: Oh, and the brown one? Farmer: It’s also mine
  2. Check out his chatlog 16/02/2017 22:10 (+/-)
  3. NSFW

    Activate the subtitles !
  4. I don't think it's incompatible browser becaus i have tried on Mozilla , Chrome and Internet Explorer same result and for the JavaScript i tried on 2 different computer maybe they both have the same JavaSript error who knows.