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  1. So, i now in my trial time and allowed to wear the VIVA tag on Server right? But i can't join your TS there is This thing called "Password" i would be happy if sombody PN's me Thank you
  2. Thank you very much ( i can't remember too i think it is too long ago )
  3. Now that you mention it played at this server earlier but it was allway so full.... just 10-15 people in queue so it wasn't very funny to wait
  5. Thank you very much !
  6. I don't want to play alone anymore i like it to play with comrades on the Battlefield so the Game is more fun to you and me. I would be very happy if you be y sponsor but.. i need to ask what lol cats are? just some funny pictures of cats?
  7. Hi, my name is Niklas i'am 23 Years old and from Germany. I'am in the Battlefield since Battlefield 3 get Released, i play a lot on your Server mostly [24/7 Operation Locker] you possible recognize me. I apply because i play since 6 Months by now on your Server so i had the idea to join VIVA when i play anyway all the time on it. I'm open for questions and i wish you a nice day.
  8. Thank you very much! I try to log in in a few minutes
  9. I'am Still very Sorry about it and ofcause it won't happend again (lesson learned) and if I offend someone i will apoligize.
  10. I never thought or say it was ok but i did it and now i want to apologize
  11. My emblem shows the flag of the Empire (Kaiserreich) Germany i use it cause i like it (in Germany its not forbidden). My stats are (exept this F****** Battlefield 3) normal Exept SPM but look at the last weekend it was 4exp and i used all the Time 200% XP Boost any questions?
  12. OK there is not really an excuse for that but im VERY sorry that i had sayed things like that both was stupid commentars for a stupid comversation and if you know people i hurt with that i will go and apologize
  13. Hi, when i come home today and want to play on you server i get a notification "You were banned from the server Reason Aimbot"(it wasn't the exact words) but for now i want to know what are the reasons for this ban and i want to appeal this ban (I know i did a lot of Shit back in Battlefield 3 but i was so glad to finally find a server where i can play on without instantly geting banned cause of this, by now i taked with a guy from EA to reset my stats because i let the game remove when i startet Battlefield 4). I Hope you will see about this and unban me Sorry for the bad English (btw. i'am German) best regards, Nilia
  14. There is a guy called DICE_TEST who play a robot with an LMG and rockets that is undestroyable. We need support Fast