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  1. Well, doh. Those red dots do not appear on mini map by magic
  2. Use the dmr to improve your aim. Aim for the head. Play the TDM with it. At first you will die a lot Find your own play style and have fun. @DivXion I see, your score improves when I use suav to spot the enemy.
  3. Well, they squad up and cause a mayhem, that's for sure. As for the cheating part, I cannot spot a cheater even if I try.
  4. Happy New Year and best wishes to all of you.
  5. Best wishes to you all and marry Xmas.
  6. Hint: when in game, look for VIVA tags
  7. We had .ing and dipl. ing. but after Bologna we have Bac.Ing. and Mag.Ing. (Mag.Ing. written after the name opposite of Mag. sc. written before the name. which is really master of science). I'm for instance, BrziBrk master of topic derailment :-)
  8. Namaste! (I hope I get it right) I like abbreviations, but this was too much even for me. Would you be so kind to elaborate, as fellow engineer (I think I got right the first one, but the second one is still puzzling me )
  9. They will not survive. Darwin will do his magic, sooner or later.
  10. It seems, both But I found BF4 violence much more enjoyable than real life violence!
  11. Phantom bow on a rifle rig with reloading time of 10 seconds.
  12. Defensive perk. He is wearing a head protection.
  13. Rpgs are awesome. Accept it.
  14. @El Kedalfi tnx. I didn't have a chance to test it as server had some free slots