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  1. This ^^^ And a lolcat. It will not go without lolcat!
  3. Play white noise on stereo. That will reduce the pinging sound
  4. At work: To Ljubljana Ping 10ms, Download 20Mb/s and Upload 100Mb/s
  5. Zloytraktorist

    And just to add:
  6. Zloytraktorist

    Translation from any language to Croatian and vice versa is just horrible if you are using google translate. BTW. First sentence is totally correct, but the rest is a little bit mixed up. But I believe you have captured the essence of it.
  7. Zloytraktorist

    Ne sekiraj se. Ponekad i meni izleti izleti kakva hrvatska rečenica na chatu. Uglavnom kad se ekipa sa posla okupi na serveru pa bacimo kakvu internu foru. A često se desi da nismo u istom squadu, čak ni u istom timu @RemonRicardo, just teasing you. :D Do not worry. If you suspect a foul play, just ring us to translate.
  8. Happy bday MoJo. Sorry for being late
  9. Just the info for Star wars fans.
  10. This is, in fact, the copy of Dragunov dmr/sniper. I believe the later version is more similar to the svd-12. The famous SKS has it's Yugoslav copy in PAP 7,62 with designation Zastava m56/66. This semi auto rifle was modified in hunting rifles and built in folding bayonet was usually removed in hunting versions. Optics added for precision. I think cro army is still using it for parades and ceremonial duty.
  11. This one ^^^
  12. I don't play with that space plastic toys, I like cast iron guns with patina on them and proven in real combat, like SKS or SVD
  13. I thought xm25 can take only green/white photos