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  1. NSFW

    Tazernade - 07.01.2017 Hello, could someone tell me if I have configured my ESl Wire? Admin | ESL - 07.01.2017 you can use the test team for it Turtle Entertainment GmbH World leading platform for esports. Play CS:GO, LoL, CoD, FIFA, SC2, WoT and more against real opponents for prizes and cash. Tazernade - 07.01.2017 thank you and how do you connect to ESL Wire? disconnect* Admin | ESL - 07.01.2017 by closing the game you disconnect from an active sessions Tazernade - 07.01.2017 thank you My game icon is not displayed and the test servers no longer while my friends it works Admin | ESL - 07.01.2017 for testing you just use a random public server Admin | ESL - 07.01.2017 you can right clock on the game Tazernade - 07.01.2017 My friends it to that Admin | ESL - 07.01.2017 ye there you can start a test session Tazernade - 07.01.2017 Yes but it's my friends that, not me Admin | ESL - 07.01.2017 click on the small green refresh button on the top right and make sure you joined the correct team Tazernade - 08.01.2017 Hello, after the test, and having used my macro Razer, I was banned during the test, would it be possible to remove the ban? Admin | ESL - 08.01.2017 I am not sure if you are serious ExtenSy ZenoX - 08.01.2017 Dank Tazernade - 08.01.2017 what do you mean ? It was a test server! Admin | ESL - 08.01.2017 the Anticheat Test is not that you can test your cheats or macro's it is to test if Wire runs properly we dont make any differences if you just tested it or where in an official match. Once you use illegal and forbidden software you will face consequences Tazernade - 08.01.2017 How do you explain the reason for my banishment then ??? I have not even made tournaments and I was planning to make one tonight on BF4 Admin | ESL - 08.01.2017 let me quote myself: "we dont make any differences if you just tested it or where in an official match. Once you use illegal and forbidden software you will face consequences" Tazernade - 08.01.2017 It's silly then to have a test run for the players to have just for a bullshit like that! Admin | ESL - 08.01.2017 And again: The Test Run is not that you can check whether your cheat or macro does get detected by us or not. It is made that you can test if Wire runs without problems on your PC any Anticheat Sessions done by Wire whether for testing or for an official match are valid for us. Means no cheats allowed. And before we continue to discuss, please check this link: All your further questions are answered there. Turtle Entertainment GmbH World leading platform for esports. Play CS:GO, LoL, CoD, FIFA, SC2, WoT and more against real opponents for prizes and cash. Tazernade - 08.01.2017 I received this message only on ESL Anticheat Test It means that I am banished from everything or only from this team? Admin | ESL - 08.01.2017 you are banned from playing in the ESL with any Team and in any Tournament we offer for 2 years. As I said please read the link I gave you above Tazernade - 08.01.2017 And if I make an account again? Admin | ESL - 08.01.2017 this is also not allowed and you will be automatically banned again. So take it as it is or request an rehab oh and if you do a new account you will lose the possibility to do an rehab
  2. I know what you mean... i have 3 BF4 Accs. You are right he can start a ban appeal... for me it is still no wallhack.
  3. They only suspect situation for me was this one In the other situations was nothing. In the vid he was killing me he, i killed a teammate from him before so he knows im there. They vid are too short the only thing i can see is that someone dropped the bombe there and on the minimap are a deadsymbol for a teammate of him. So he knows that someone are there ?! In this situation i can see that teammates dying above of him, i can see many enimes on the minimap. His teammate with bomb goes up. He follows and the bomb guy gets killed... at this moment he knows where the enemy are. He hear it, he saw him on the minimap, his teammate gets killed in front of him ... so its easy too know. I didnt see anything... for me its no wallhack.
  4. This was weird for me. I saw him late and he one shotted me...
  5. I agree with you, it's no auto aimbot it is more like a sneaky no recoil macro.
  6. This site ? That works for evryone and diffrent games not only Battlefield to convert your mousesens to other games and calculate it.
  7. LoL THX at my active esl time i was much better. :((( Maybe next month with private server @bf1 i start playing competitive again. Ingame 6% 800dpi change it atm to 37cm for 360° And you are rigth with the FPS, more fps always better. 60hz Monitor doesnt mean 60 fps are enough. If you can play with a constant fps of 260... PLAY WITH IT!!! I play with 145 and im not happy with that.
  8. On this Site you ´can calculate your ingame sensitivity. 15cm -25cm for 360° are Highsens, 25cm-35cm Midsens, 40cm+ are Lowsens. I play with 800dpi and i need for 360° 38cm. Iknow Players they hit evrything and play with 20cm. For me are 20cm way too fast. You must find your own mousesens but stay in a area of 20cm-40cm for 360°. Mouse dpi ... the highest you can use is 1200dpi evrything over it, its useless. Most Players play with 400,600,800dpi. I know one from Viva( im not telling his name but maybe it helps when i say air ) , he´s playing with 9cm for 360°... way too fast to aim on point.
  9. Wuschelpuschel95 VIP Slot might not work probably
  10. All my VIVA friends are right. Map knowleage, try all weapons and find the best for you or just have fun. But when you ask me 90% of all casual players playing with wrong Mouse/Gamesettings and they didnt know that is wrong. PS. Its my Birthday
  11. Yesterday on Server #2 I had a good round so he think he must start insulting/flame me and other on the server. 122:55 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol CAUSE YOUR GERMAN ? 222:47 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol AND TYOUR SERVER IS DYING 322:47 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol IM A PEDO FUCK OFF 422:47 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol YOUR ARSE 522:46 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol YEH KIDS GOOGLE 622:46 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol COSDT ME 2000 EURO 722:45 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol ALREADSY HAD THAT 822:45 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO TRACE YOUR IP AND BUNNY BOIL YOU ? 922:44 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol BUT OF YOUR IN TO FUCKIGN DEAD BODIES GO AHESD 1022:44 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol THEIR DEAD 1122:43 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol YOUR A SEEDLESS LEW HATER 1222:43 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol BUT YOUR A CNUT 1322:43 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol PROBALBY YES 1422:43 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol WHAT A SPASTIC 1522:42 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol USING TAG AND HACKING 1622:42 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol FUCK OFF MANTI 1722:42 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol YEH I HAVE ANTI DICK HACK 1822:42 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol FUCK OFF KIDS GET BACK TO SCHOOL 1922:41 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol YOU ARE MY PROBLEM CUNT 2022:41 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol NOT EVEN ADMIN 2122:40 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol MANTI GO FUCK A GOAT 2222:40 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol HEY MATNI YOUR A FUCKIGN JEW HATER 2322:40 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol GOTTA LOVE A SERVER WHERE TH ADMIN HACKWS 2422:33 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol SOMETIMES MY PENIS IS SO HARD I CAN BREAK TOFFEE 2522:27 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol I THINK MY VIDEO CARD HAS MORE MEG THAN YOUR PC 2622:26 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol 1RANK 2722:25 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol ARE YO POLISH ? 2822:25 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol OR YOUR HOUSE 2922:25 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol AN MY PC IS WORTH MORE THAN YOUR FUCKIGN CAR 3022:24 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol NO NEVER I HAVE 50MB 3122:24 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol ONLY FAGS LAG 3222:21 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol lol bob has to resortr to mbt lawa 3322:19 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol pushin dick hacker 3422:04 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol hi manti 3522:04 Jan 2, 2017Rolf_Hipnol lol reload
  12. May the mortar be with you !!! @DivXion Happy holidays for you too!
  13. @DivXion haha thx
  14. Ok tomorrow maybe
  15. =D you can see me at my forum avatar. Not enough ? ^^