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  1. Did i just download a video of a chicken with pants on? Internet is such a magic place
  2. Feels good man
  3. Why all of you forget the most important thing when flying with aircrafts? GOLDEN RULE: set spacebar as "fire", fly with arrows Also known as the "I have some kind of very stupid hands and i cannot fly other ways" rule
  4. National acrobatic flight patrol thread! Let's meet Frecce Tricolori (Tree-colour arrows; italian flag is also called the Tricolore), those bastards who fly every fucking day over my house Italy's acrobatic patrol. Full air show The video is a bit old so some of the new air figures are missing
  5. E V I L V I L What do you mean with "extended and compound"?
  6. Always a joy to spread.... Ahem... local "culture"
  7. Sent!
  8. Use it wisely!
  9. Maybe there'll be a part two... For now i'll just send it to those who ask it. Oh and don't remember to CAGATI IN MANO E DATTI UNO SCHIAFFO!
  10. @DivXion sent
  12. SERVER 3 20:38 Sep 25, 2016 simao1980 mal te moris cabron
  13. SERVER 1 12 17:55 Sep 24, 2016 Skolzkyi f4g8 13 17:55 Sep 24, 2016 Skolzkyi who the f*ck crashed stealth plane
  14. Rare footage of OctiCheese squadron yes i'm mastering paint
  15. This video makes me cringe so much. That was truly a slaughter of masses more than a war, expecially if you look at it by the italian side. Living less than 100 km from the old front means to live in a place where the memory is strong, vivid. And all those who had speak, who had wrote, who let some words for the upcoming generations said the same thing: "we were nothing more than cannon fodder. We had to choose if to die for enemie's gunfire or shot in the head from our officer's pistol, decimated. There was no excape" Also, Italian's officers were not too interested in the loss of soldiers lives. They would just keep calling for reinforcements if they needed. Soldiers were like mechanical pieces you can change just ringing a bell and asking for another one. It happened several times that sub officers (who were the only ones among the soldiers that known the attack orders) committed suicide exposing themselves to enemy fire just to stop a particularly dangerous attack and save their platoon. I never fought a war, I never joined the army. I undersand the needing of an army, the cruelty of war. But I heard my grandad and many other grandads speaking about their dads memories. Some of that tales still haunt my nightmares today. And more widely, all those happenings from Trento to Trieste still cringe me today.