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  1. Some of you may have seen this going around on Facebook... this is the original creator of the video though
  2. It's official! Can we count this as a VIVA application?
  3. Make it into a command for the servers!
  4. We were in the same squad yesterday... had you soak up some bullets for me
  5. They released the new videos on youtube!
  6. This is what I imagine would happen if I ever meet @FloofersFox
  7. If I'm allowed to sponsor people now I could sponsor this fella and teach him the ways of the VIVA Oh and just so that we know. What is your ingame name?(for stalking purposes)
  8. Yessssss finally someone to take my place as Floofers..."motivation"
  9. Just an interesting video about Radioactive places on earth
  11. I am not mad at all! That is really amazing!
  12. This is the first picture I see of you people... and you're mourning a plastic dick. I feel like I should be more surprised.
  13. "Kids these days" think enough about sex already tbh(pervy lil critters they are as well). We don't need them incorporating it into "dances"
  14. Joining Teamspeak is by far the best way to get to know the other players... Just ask someone here for help regarding installations and connecting to the VIVA chat if you feel like it. And by the way we're holding a "beer bash night" tonight so you should definitely join in on that. It's basically a VIVA platoon only party with all sorts of madness.