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  1. Welcome Bullet, Enjoy your stay, run while you can
  2. it was meant to be a video but it didn't work lol
  3. So my computer decided it doesn't want to do anything anymore, it won't boot, it randomly crashes or restarts and freeze. yesterday it crashes/rebooted itself and now I get this. The system found unauthorised changes on the firmware.operating system or uefi the askes to press [N] to run next boot device I do that then come up with a load of choices like Start up repair etc I chose one of those and then come up with the instructions at 0xfb77584d referenced memory at 0x00000008. The memory could not be read. if tried returning it to an earlier point but still get the say thing. wtf is going on with it 😡😡😡
  4. you sir are a legend
  5. 2k wow and you on any of the mk2 pages on Facebook?
  6. sweet, always wanted a syncro or rallye I have a mk2 with vr6 lump too i'm build a track car
  7. syncro or country and what mk2 do you have atm?
  8. changed it from London to Manchester, which makes no sense as i'm near London than Manchester and Thanks for the help guys
  9. Every time i download something on steam it gets half way through it then comes up Corrupt Download then a load of numbers and letters after it. i click on the steam bit cleared my download cache and check my download region but it still comes up like this doesn't matter if it's a new game i buy or an old one i have that isn't installed but it let me install hitman but things like dayz won't and call of duty won't, i've also uninstalled steam and reinstall it but hasn't changed. It's doing my head in Anything else i can do?
  10. About time you applied
  11. This game mode is epic but also very frustrating but having an epic team or squad helps and it's lots of fun
  12. I have this graphics card a can't fault it so far, gets a bit hot but i'll be watercooling it so not a problem for me
  13. 18:36 Oct 11, 2016 NA_Player_xD defensive cancer server 2
  14. I shall continue to tbag, no one will stop me
  15. i lol'd at this
  16. Hi buddy, i'll be your sponsor if you still need one but we need lol cats please
  17. Hi and welcome Run while you can Watch out for @FloofersFox
  18. Just like me, i've only been using shotgun, rocket gun= anti sniper gun lol
  19. Yeah conquest isn't so bad but when playing rush and your whole team is sat back sniping it gets pretty annoying very quickly
  20. F**king snipers everywhere, that's the one thing that f**ks me off
  21. This helped thanks
  22. well that sucks then
  23. okay maybe i didn't read that bit of it lol i get issues connecting to ea then i get in the got to try n join a game then get and when playing and can't unlock weapons even though i have 90 of whatever is to unlock them