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  1. Going to need to stop off at the hospital aswell for that burn
  2. The logitechs 933s does aswell
  3. I have that headset. Very nice quality - feels like could last a while. Charge lasts about 6-10 hours(Maybe - Never really cared to check) Wired mouse and keyboard though - Wires dont bother me because there out the way! Luckily my router is sat on my desk so no need to faff too much with long wires for that
  4. Suprised it made it there without blowing up. There good fast cars until the go pop
  5. What car? Good luck!
  6. Alternatively, Send me your bank details and ill send over your Nigerian inheritance. Muchos 1 post accounts in this thread!
  7. For me it would - I like dogs!
  8. You didnt say anything about them going to the MOON!?!?!?
  9. Did they have fun at the Golden Gate bridge?
  10. Singled out the parents in separate layer- Faffed around with the highlights/shadows - Increased saturation a little too because looked a little black and white Singled out the sky - increased Cyan saturation to make it a little bluer Combined the sky and background(not parents - they stayed in own layer) and Dup'd the layer and ran a high pass (Other>High pass) set that layer to overlay to bring out the background a little more Hope that made some sense Im awful at editing - but enjoy giving it a try
  11. My photography knowledge is slim. I know what i mean but dont know the tech terms. Camera based light for image off background making foreground subjects too dark. edit : Also if possible - Shoot RAW. edit 2 : <- Look at the pretty infographics
  12. I enjoyed this. Jason Statham is a pretty man
  13. Just press the "h" key
  14. This is a ban appeal for the history books! 8/10 would read again.