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  1. ugh where shall I start! I like mostly dramas, comedys and documentaries. My favorite drama at the moment still is Birdman. Comedys... Sausage Party was a good laugh, but currently the serial Eastbound & Down is making laugh myself to sleep and for documentaries, Catfish was a quite astonishing one. Maybe you know it from the MTV series which are a bit waterd down. The actual movie shows very well how dangerous and messed up our social media world can be at its extremes.
  2. Hmm, thanks for recording @Sky but the video doesnt really prove much to me. I'll make sure to get some footage if any similar incident should come up.
  3. So this guy "iraqi-killers" just got the everyone angry on #1 because of some unbelievable kills and being really smug about it even after I told him to stop flaming. At first I was defending him because he was killable but then I got suspicious after hackish kills such as one shot LMG kills or swimming 50 meters away pistol insta kills. When spectated by @Sky (you were spectating him right?) he was quite noobish again. How do I need to proceed to make sure such stuff doesnt take place on my loved VIVA #1? <3 thanks in advance thats him:
  4. I dont have all the DLC's so no #3 for me... but I also wasnt a big fan of silk road either...
  5. Talking to me? ;D Welcome!
  6. Bomb planted and objective destroyed Applied to the Battlelog and changed the clantag. Thanks @III-Method-III and obviously thanks @ColonelOctighpus! I'm looking forward to playing together on the servers Would be nice to have the TS infos to hop on now and then. Andy
  7. its really andyessir in one, then someone started calling me andy and I went along with it :D. I first thought about it watching an A$AP Interview. The funny way they were saying it, stuck with me and then I thought it would be annyoing for people to read my name after getting eliminated by my Machete. But call me Andy as in candy ^^
  8. Hi guys, Some of you may know me already, I frequently enjoy playing on your servers. Trying to get Peleluch out of the bird, Code out of the Tank or just Remon to use CapsLock are only a few of my goals. To me, I am from Switzerland though brought up bilingual english and german, also swiss german but thats not an official language. I am madly into Hip-Hop (Nas, Gang Starr, Samy Deluxe etc.) and obviously like gaming. Starting with the N64 mainly getting mad at Samus (my older Brothers favorite character) in Smash Brothers and losing in FIFA or PES I switched quite late to playing BF2 untill they killed off the servers. So I had to get BF4 and got to say I am pretty happy with it and the whole community, such as you guys :). I have been playing so much on VIVA, that octi suggested to join you and I think that is a nice idea because I appreciate the friendliness and rules on the servers and would like to be a part of it. For Sponsors I got to mention N80wl and Binksy, because they were the first to add me but I dont care who sponsors me, because I am a freaking gangster! Last but not least my lolcat: See you in game, andyessir