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  1. okay so this summer I plan on doing a lot of days out visiting castles and a few airshows around England and to capture these days I would like a noob friendly SLR that will give me a challenge but isn't impossible to use as a noob. i know there are a few people in the clan such as are great el Edwina that could point me in the right direction. please not I've not won the euromillions and don't have endless funds but my price range is around £500-£700 to spend on a body and hopefully a lens so naturally I've done some research and I've found and the nikon d5300, would you guys recomend this or would you suggest something else around the same price range? link- http://www.amazon.co.uk/Nikon-D5300-Digital-18-55mm-Compact/dp/B00I3M6BVY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1429550332&sr=8-1&keywords=d5300
  2. looks so good!!! i really hope they dont ruin the series
  3. hey amigos, looks like i wont be on till Sunday guys as I've installed my SSD and new ram. I have done a complete restart and formatted my old HDD so its only being used as storage for almost all games but BF4, So i am pleased to announce that i will be returning with better load times and way better frame rates so i can accurately stab all you noobs up the bum with my horse dildo.... i mean knife upgrades- -corsair k95 keyboard with cherry mx red switches -corsair vengeance pro series 1866mhz -Kingston 3k 240gb ssd (write speed 510mbs/ read speed 550mbs) cya all real soon!!
  4. thank you its okay its just annoying is all
  5. hey guy and girl as you can imagine i messed up my details on my roster and typed in the wrong solider name, i have changed it but its correct now but i think the name needs changing from your end its ''vfatalitiesv'' thanks guys and please forgive my stupidity
  6. Wooi I'd like to thank horse dildo and all the other horses out there, but not the sheep because only faggots like sheep
  7. i believe they are up shreks bum!!!
  8. Im glad you all like It if you want to watch the musical here's another shrektastic video
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-Y2mCYUPow&list=RDc-Y2mCYUPow
  10. ''i bet that horse is a wanker'' haha
  11. also trail accepted, but i have one condition... If I take any of the viva clans dog tags you have to say ''Fatalities stole my virginity from behind''