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  1. Haven't thought of it like that... Yet.
  2. Oh. that was a bad typo...
  3. Techno bondage! It's a lamp (actually two) so you see what you're doing with the hand. Good for fixing cumputers for example.
  4. Didn't buy this, but I got it from a friend. It's basically a sort of "glove" for the index finger and the thumb with LED's on them. Very handy, I'd say.
  5. Got a friend that would love that connection! Then again he's running servers from home.
  6. Hi @TheGamingClaw. Welcome to the forums.
  7. Oh, must be the same as I have then. Gives massive latency all over anyway.
  8. Oh, that was to Copenhagen... This is another story.
  9. Are we doing this again?
  10. Made the landing... But had to shoot it to get it down.
  11. That's very generous of you!
  12. However I'm going to try and glue the rubber paddings back on with some better glue. Still interested though. What do you want for it?
  13. Apparently it's all the way back to page 20 in this thread... Time passes.
  14. Still got this one? As it happens the glue for Orbweaver's rubber coatings tend to loosen...
  15. Haven't thought of that yet, but the bicycle trailer (see above) might be more efficient.