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  1. Watched this last night. Worth watching... Saw a nice movie recently ? Post a trailer so others can enjoy it too. Sharing is Caring !! Tip : If you see that you like the first part of the trailer STOP it and start watching the movie. This way you will have more surprises, the movie will become more exiting and enjoyable. **** Direct movie links are considered illegal by law ****
  2. Welcome to VIVA and enjoy your stay @DivXion thanks for the tag, I shall creep around
  3. Welcome to VIVA
  4. Decided to get a VPN. Got a deal for £6 a month. Probably not the best for gaming, but for browsing and watching Youtube is actually nice. If Google is happy, I'm happy If anyone interested :
  5. Full article can be found at : Also in the news : Torrenters be warned: Internet companies want Opera browser to blacklist restricted sites ( I use Opera for example, If you enable Turbo, your IP is hidden and you can visit websites that your ISP blocked )
  6. That won't be a problem for me
  7. Yeah, lucky for me, it's only 2.5 miles from home to work. Still, riding home while it was snowing it was not easy.
  8. Cheers. Surely not Same here
  9. I logged in just now, with and without remember me ticked , flawless. When you click on Login and it doesn't show's p the login straight away it may be because of some JavaScript error or incompatible browser ? I tag @El Edwina, he's more up to date with IPS then I am
  10. On the image shows you are not logged in. Does it kicks you out too when you try to do something ? To answer your question > You can, I think For example when you put a Youtube video OR an image : Display as a link instead I think is what you are looking for.
  11. What service you use ? I think on getting something but they seems kind of expensive
  12. Cheers, I will have a look.
  13. Right, so I have this cute little camera and combined with my zone knowledge of taking a good picture this happened : I took a picture of my parents by Tower Bridge ( London Bridge ) but they came out kinda of dark while everything in background is nice. Link to 3 of the pictures I took : I tried to play around with the settings but I just couldn't take the right shot. Is there any way to fix this in Photoshop and also, any suggestion for future amateur photo sessions ? Thank you.
  14. That would be perfect for me. Lots of places to explore. Awesome bike rides Down here is shitty, plane as fuck, Center London is full of traffic and a nice split of road is near impossible to find. ( We had a talk of moving to Manchester but it wont happen - Not so Oop North but still better than here )
  15. NSFW - New Favorite Video
  16. Happy New Year to Everyone !!!
  17. Some people say that changing download region helped. Did you tried that? Couldn't understand from your text.
  18. Sadly, no date, more sadly, "this is not a list of guaranteed features". Posted on 22 Dec on BF1 forum.