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  1. thanks, im away to play on server 2
  2. Hey meth , I'm still keen on joining jut having trouble finding a sponsor or just a squad to join in general, I'm on viva on odd times I guess but I'm still keen to join, thanks
  3. Thanks you soo much for the info this answers all my wuestions for now, im currently playing tonight and right now all night so hopefully i should hanage that, cya in game maybe ????
  4. Could you add me? Its rfernandes1998
  5. Thanks alot for the info ive was waiting for a while and trying to get involved in the viva servers too and its been great??
  6. Haha yeah i know ive been experiencing alot of lag recently thou
  7. Where are you from? Im usually online the entire day on weekends and after 5/6 on weekdays
  8. Yeah we definatly have, i remember seeing you name and pretty sure weve been in the same squad aswell as killing eachother a few times, pretty sure i recall yhe name amigo aswell????
  9. Im not pure scottish like i moved doen there from middle east, and im living in aberdeenshire how about you?
  10. Thank you for getting back to me, i have understood all that your trying to say and im always on the viva servers and usually teamed up with a viva member at times but yes i will continue to play and will make sure i chat in game ???? thank you ?
  11. Hey Guys, My name is Ridge and I live in Scotland and due to or unreliable and cold Crappy weather im obligated to play BF4 I'm 18 and I am a battlefield addict, Started off with BF bad company 2 to BF 4, i play online practically everyday. Currently I'm working as a Light vehicle technician and im studying at college as well. I live at home with my family but i go around to my friends for a battlefield session. I Play on the #2 VIVA server Because its the best server and its one of my top favorites. I love playing and bein part of a 5 player squad and promise to deliver a 100hp revive unlike many. you will definatly see me running around with my QBS-09 milking the enemy and the decent trolling with my Dfib. My main classes are assault and support but when im in the mood i go stealth and pull out my cs5 for some mid range combat. I've only just started using team-speak and waiting on a new headset to be delivered so that i can have a better experience within the game. i hope ive provided enough information for you and i hope to receive a answer from you guy! thank y ou