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  1. Cause your a NERD!! YAY
  2. Love this
  3. Welcome to the forums!
  4. You mother fucker, I call hacks personally
  6. DDR4 RAM is no lower than 2000MHz standard speed. You can certainly try, but I tell you.... you will NEVER succeed
  7. Welcome to the forums!
  8. The GTX970 would be more than enough to run Battlefield 1. Everyone seems to be thinking that Battlefield 1 will be a really intense game for computer hardware, but it won't be much different than what we are dealt with today. I would say GTX970, i5 6500K, as overclocking I couldn't recommend enough, and some good high speed RAM no less than 16GB, but if you go Skylake it will be DDR4 anyway so the speed of the RAM will be no less than 2000MHz as standard. I think you will struggle to get all this for £500 though pal, unless you are willing to risk second hand hardware. If I was you I would save as much as possible and put it towards your build. Have a good think, and also look for deals as I saved loads with just one day deals etc. when building my newest rig. Hope this helps! - Walshyy
  9. She was a shower, sadly, I think the fish in the tank would have more common sense than her like Or up her instead maybe?
  10. What is that supposed to mean? I hope you aren't making any assumptions @Brainless lol
  11. Haha wouldn't you be lucky to know that, but a gentlemen never tells, you should know this
  12. Heyy, So last night I was in the pub, sat at the bar on my own (never going the pub on my own ever again), drowning my sorrows and I got talking to a lovely lady that was sat across the bar ( I would lol ), anyway we started talking about the most random stuff and got onto the topic of what we do as a our professions, and when I told her that I worked in the IT Industry she straight away presumed that I could design piece of technology that could be put into a fish tank and clean the whole fish tank, like goes around the fish, around all the plants, nothing has to be taken out you just put this 'thing' in there and it cleans the tank.... So random I know, but long story short, I am always trying to think about cool threads to create, to get some good convo's and discussions going so this is not turning into one.... So I am sure that a lot of us would love to come up with some crazy ideas of some crazy technology that we might be expecting in the next few years.... Well I wanna hear them Preferably something that is somewhat normal, not something silly please haha Enjoy!!
  13. Speak to @III-Method-III or @iClustaFlux they know there bit on Mic setups etc. Geeeeeeks
  14. Heard a lot of good things about this Mic, but I have heard that are quite pricey, but don't get me wrong, that is one sexy ass Mic, hope you love it Zar