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  1. Welcome dude
  2. oooooo naughty naughty, i'm sure the ban hammer will hit him shortly haha
  3. You are a special kind of Fuck wit! Let me guess, him kept killing in your head " I'm a pro player, he must be cheating. Try to abuse him" But in reality, you're a Fucking idiot. Run along you vile waste of space.
  4. As everyone has said, have fun. Don't try to hard to do good because if you don't have a good round, it can be really annoying. Learning the map, choke points,where people camp and flanking. mini map and squad play is key to this. I used to try do well all the time and it never worked until I just started relaxing. I've topped the scoreboard very few times, but the Times I have its when I've been in a squad messing about, like trying to launch a quad at a chopper or jumping over @El Cockardo smaw. Just keep playing and enjoying the game
  5. Welcome dude.
  6. Wow he must of had lots to do, really important stuff, life changing stuff, because it took him long enough to come up with a response. Only to get it shut down instantly hahahahaha fail!
  7. That looks fun
  8. I think @bizzl3 is after the best thing to make aerial porn.......
  9. Wow not had them in years! I might have to go the shop now and get some!
  10. Summit against gays and Jews.......Mmmm sounds like a hate group I've heard of before. Which use a certain symbol.
  11. With the new album only 8 day's away, had to put this on here
  12. Well. This person clearly has no moral compass. The stigma around the symbol is negative, regardless of what you say. I feel you just go online to get a bit of drama. Then to say Hitler was right, is one of the most ridiculous things to say, not only does it undermine your argument for a luck or peace symbol, it just shows us that you are clearly not as "educated" as you are trying to be. Good luck with your appeal
  13. Noob friendly doesn't mean noob only. All ranks are welcome. Sometimes the balancer screws you over sometimes it doesn't. Like what's been said. It's automatic, blame dice/ea
  14. We let the in-game/auto balancer do it all. As said before, the admins aren't here to just balance the server's for someone that doesn't like it. If you've only had the game for 5 days and say our server is bad...You're in for a shock dude. A lot of servers will ban you for using a claymore or a grenade lol