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  1. Awesome this is what i want to try one day. Did put it on my bucket-list.
  2. Just play a lot of locker #2 that's all you really need.
  3. Hi there and welcome. @TheGamingClaw
  4. Well this is my ping to southern iraq.
  5. @Sky Hey can you wake up please. KD over 3 lol. You are lucky that you lagging that much.
  6. @Sky you have to ping London, because server is located there. Not Aman. The closer the server the better the ping.
  7. Yes no problem as far as I know.
  8. Maybe take a look here hope i`t`s helpfull. https://help.ea.com/en-us/help/battlefield/battlefield-4/online-ports-for-battlefield-4/ See post above for the ports to open. Nicely done @Sanslik
  9. Nice @Devajufan how many crates of beer can It carry.
  10. Did you portforward bf4. For me it was a huge difference. Ping/ lagg.
  11. Zloytraktorist

    @RemonRicardo Translation. Maak je geen zorgen. Soms mij en boottochten Kroatië zin om te chatten. In principe als het team bijeen om te werken op de server, dus gooien we alle interne routine. En vaak gebeurt het dat we niet in dezelfde ploeg, zelfs op dezelfde team: D Nou duidelijker kan ik het niet maken. Het blijven vreemde vogels die buitenlanders. Just teasing you also @BrziBrk
  12. Is there any possibility to appeal my judgment? You do that right now, but it has little effect. You can of at least give me an honest answer, without humiliate me. We are to mature for that as friendly and open minded. We are open minded but to a certain point. I have been given an unfair judgment. That is what you think at this moment. My behaviour on the server that night was horrible and i'm very sorry. Not only that night,overall not the friendliest person on our server`s. But why should that affect my judgment? I got banned because I was being a complete dick on the server. It is not affecting our judgement. You know what you said. Juzza and Zartan i'm pretty sure you can confirm this if you're being honest. Don`t worry about that all our admins are honest. Been contributing as much as I can That is out of your own free will,nothing to do with your bann. It's very strange that people I almost never met hates me. That is a bit paranoia,I don`t ever "hate" people that I don`t know. (Only if they cross the line.) I hope that didn't influence your decision. We look at the fact`s nothing more nothing less. I'm a good friend of many Viva members since years back. Why should my mistake ruin all that? You should have thought on that a little bit earlier. (Not our mistake.) It feels like i've been used as an example. We would never do that,I can promise you that. Now I'm prepared for even more hate and degrading memes. You did that to yourself. So face the consequences. And I honestly think i'm worth a second chance. I don`t. Okay that being said, I will assure you that your WP Tag has nothing to do with your ban. Your overall language on our server is not the nicest thing I have seen. You are balancing on bann or play all the time. We are a 18 plus server, so you can go far with jokes and things you can say on the server`s. (You had to realize you crossed over our lines to much,that`s probably why you apologized to Juzza and Zartan.) For me you are just a player, nothing more and nothing less. If you had behaved yourself, you had no troubles at all. I wish you all the best in the feature,and think before you wright something. You might hurt somebody with it. Div.
  13. Don`t worry @N80wl I keep it with these.