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  1. Where can I buy one @MoJo
  2. It's just what you wrote @Devajufan it's an old Chinese saying..
  3. I will let my son read it. He,s Chinese. And no I,m not.
  4. I think when you eat a hot potato,you can also talk like that. @Brainless. or veggie,s from @MoJo,s garden where the cat's have there personal toilets.
  5. Uhmmm really.....
  6. The voice off my favourite games.
  7. For someone who has played 18.00 hours on Bf4. I think he has a outstanding Kd 1,75. Maybe lucky.... He always can come to our forum and make a complaint. Why he was banned. We will see what happens. You are a very experienced game player @manti_k0r_bf4 ,but someone with 18 hours playing don`t think the way you think. (sounds,maps,locations,situations.) Good Luck.
  8. @BulletMagnett Killed you many times. Thank you for your feedback,we try to keep up the good work.
  9. @AaKiX Thank you for your report >>> banned <<<
  10. I know the outcome already. Have seen them also that night. But not sure enough. They harvest to easy.
  11. They are pussy,s. Not a nice feeling but good for arthritis and it's not deadly. So they are pussy,s. I once chocked my balls when stepping over a fence. Wow my speaking went two octave,s higher. Fault of my friend his foot slipped of the barb wire.
  12. Lol that is my old sign of warrock. Loved the game but killed by hackers.
  13. He has being banned. Thnx for report.
  14. I could live there,only two shops.? My girlfriend would hate it. I love the nature,so would be perfect. Nice.