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  1. isaacwolf1994

    It was due the "to" fast reaction my side. If you want him unbanned it`s oke by me.
  2. isaacwolf1994

    BTW @El Zartan when we get a new forum they can not appeal any more. ??? How do we do that ?
  3. isaacwolf1994

    banned Ohw you guys where working on it. srry. I banned him.
  4. No just a experience. Nothing more.
  5. Awesome this is what i want to try one day. Did put it on my bucket-list.
  6. Just play a lot of locker #2 that's all you really need.
  7. Hi there and welcome. @TheGamingClaw
  8. Well this is my ping to southern iraq.
  9. @Sky Hey can you wake up please. KD over 3 lol. You are lucky that you lagging that much.
  10. @Sky you have to ping London, because server is located there. Not Aman. The closer the server the better the ping.
  11. Yes no problem as far as I know.
  12. Maybe take a look here hope i`t`s helpfull. https://help.ea.com/en-us/help/battlefield/battlefield-4/online-ports-for-battlefield-4/ See post above for the ports to open. Nicely done @Sanslik
  13. Nice @Devajufan how many crates of beer can It carry.
  14. Did you portforward bf4. For me it was a huge difference. Ping/ lagg.