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  1. Thank you officer Edwina
  2. Yes you did.. Hey how's it going
  3. So I have to buy my own condom ah dammit lol I played with some of you guys last night
  4. If you think you can do that then good luck but i will destroy you with my handgun
  5. In game right?
  6. Look I worked out how to directly reply I'm so proud of myself ?? and yh well I don't want to be a noob on a noob server I'd rather be a noob on a pro server add my Skype to whoever is playing tonight -thomas_schwarz2 I think that's it
  7. I am more than happy with what a sponsor needs to do and I will most probably be on later this everyone to play for the first time with you lot
  8. Oh alright well then I'm happy for you to sponsor me
  9. What does a sponsor do mate?
  10. Hi stingray nice to meet you and what century were you born
  11. Where is everyone from then and what's everyone ages? -baboikong
  12. To whome who can... Add my origin account -baboikong and I'll play with you soon
  13. Hi to everyone saying welcome
  14. Yeah i know people used to call me Thomas black back at school, some immature people even called my name racist at the time haha