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  1. Yeah will be awesome
  2. Guys I have just ordered this plate for my car :0
  3. Floofer I killed you though, That was my only objective I could then RIP
  4. When people see my VIVA tags they always ask me if panda is still a camper, redzone sniper :0 your well known mate
  5. Cool bruv
  6. Mojo could you start a poll please, Think how mad the WP guys would be if all VIVA had Thermal negative camo lol
  7. That would be awesome
  8. Really getting to like this, Think they are getting better
  9. Thank you very much mate
  10. Words are mightier than the sword man That means I have a blunt pocket knife
  11. I wana go see it
  12. Thought I'd give Sony Vegas a try, but it's so complicated any advice would be welcome . It does show how I actually aim in jet in slow motion though