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  1. I don't think that was the point of the ban, you can see yourself 1-shotting whoever came at you in your video. Is it wrong?
  2. oh come on! ahahahah
  3. Exactly that! Thank you! What's cyan? And Comrade stays for member, right? Amigo got me confused a bit, it's "friend" in spanish and very similar to "amico" in italian (that obviously also means friend).
  4. Can somebody explain the color code? I'm sure about orange though!
  5. 660 in 1080 all down, everything down :D, 120/140fps. I can hit solid 200+ playing in 720p hahahah god if it plays well...also pixelated as hell
  6. I knew it! Nice video collection you have here But...what GPU are you on? Solid 200fps is really cool!
  7. I've read about him `snipering` from absurd points, insta kills...
  8. Right now on #2 https://www.247fairplay.com/CheatDetector/BanjoJingles
  9. Feels better than [email protected], I used to play [email protected]
  10. I thought that too!! But I noticed so much of a difference playing in 2560x1440 (about 80fps) and 1080p with 120fps. Is even better when I'm on 720p, but I hate seeing all that pixels around.
  11. How much in game? You're nearly a bot!!!
  12. oh come on you can't play with <30 fps. Go all low in 720. You don't really need the latest GPU, I'm on a GTX660 but everything low in 1080p. I feel like your DPI/sensitivity is too high but if that works for you :)))))
  13. @Eragon_G36 how many FPS are you running on? Resolution? Details? My advise is: stay always over 120fps; disable shadowplay for less input lag; lower your mouse DPI and don't go too much high with in game sensitivity (my current settings are: 400dpi in mouse and 13 in game); DPI/Sensitivity is was helped me the most. You can also go 2200DPI and 0 or 1 in game. Or 800/5, you just have to try.
  14. @MoJo I know about the zouzou glitch, you don't take any damage while on it. All BGS use it at every corner and I don't really mind about the zouzou (if not abused) but stanchev1 is a different thing and sometime HitBit (or something similar) too. Yesterday, in my second game, I totally destroyed those 2: they couldn't kill me at all...but all of a sudden they just snap-turn-kill everybody :\ but hey, I'll get better playing against supermen
  15. Thank you @DivXion, it's the way he can go from doing nothing to superman, 0-100 in 1ms. He got 90+/11 on one round, pretty absurd in that chaos (while pushing and not camping). We'll see