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  1. This feels like they thought of rebuilding everything from ground up without keeping what was previously working in memory...mhe
  2. That's surely a solution! but I discovered something, I just needed to adjust the length
  3. For now the sound quality is ok, instead they hurt a bit on my ears (I'm wearing glasses) after nearly 1.5 hours; maybe they'll set in some time. The Sennheiser aren't doing this though. My brother bought the G430 for 60€ on sale (lucky man!). For mine I payed 54.99€ (also on sale). There wasn't many choices in the store and I wanted them soon :D, this one pair or a 149€ one.
  4. Fixed that issue today :D, got the Logitech G230 (with mic) while I was restocking my beer...there is this shop directly in front of the beer one.
  5. Yes! @VernCheese first clip, I'm still in another planet.
  6. ahahah I don't even remember playing the map in your first video @Devajufan Got too drunk probably, the quad thing was hilarious.
  7. nice! Incoming!
  8. hahaahah :°D ok! I had an important thing to show him, @MoJo if you're reading this clean that thing up
  9. hehe happy birthday man! Since I can't reach you with messages (system tells "MoJo cannot receive messages") I though to do it here! Have a great day!
  10. I remember that, I also remember three other things this genius sent me in private on the forum. One was like he didn't care about something, like...ah I need to re-read those messages something about bans, admins...I can't really remember Ego is a bitch.
  11. I'm already in there ALL . THAT . VEHICLES O . M . G. still...enjoying it
  12. #2 acting funny now was playing 10 minutes ago, left because of lag. Tried rejoining and... ping is up and down from 80 to 200, I'm normally stable at <= 40
  13. Ok! Thank you
  14. ahaha https://www.247fairplay.com/CheatDetector/SilviaDrifter15
  15. https://www.247fairplay.com/CheatDetector/trizepstiger385 quite sure about macros, FAMAS accuracy is awesome, isn't it?