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  1. Zloytraktorist

    @Romanius Isnt it nice that we can al understand eachother when we speak english? if this guy is so fond of talking russian than let him do that in his squad chatbox..and not in the team chatbox... That makes it nice for everyone to read or react. Most of the times we all have a laugh about things that are written in the chatbox because we all understand it. Thats what makes our server unique and very funny!! But this guy keeps on talling russian everytime on and on again. Even tho many people asked him "in russian" to talk english or to do this in his squad chatbox! We dont talk german, dutch, fin, norwegian, swedish, greek, russian, turkish or any language in the teamchatbox except english. Why would anyone be so annoying to keep on talking some language we dont understand! Its the first time in almost 2 years that someone has ever done this. Everyone is laidback....but this is getting annoying.... Thats why i asked if he could be kicked for this reason and than maybe he understands it for the next time he joins our server again.... But since im a whinner !boner ...i let it go...but it takes the fun out of the game.... Thats all....
  2. Zloytraktorist

    Never thought you would be against me in this difficult period of talking russian.....So !boner for me than
  3. Can we give someone a warning or a little kick or so....for talking russian during every game, everytime for the last few days or so. Its so irrtating.....or am i being a donkeys ass for asking this. Ive asked nicely more than a couple of times...but he's very....persistant? If im whinning please say so....!
  4. hciendo

    He uses aimbots..we votebanned him but maybe we can perma ban him or so?
  5. Just sit down @N80wl
  6. Welcome Welcome
  7. We are all going to get an Iphone for xmass????
  8. Holy cow..............!...and it even aint a cow!
  9. Logik3k

    Cheating. Is level 41 or so and hits everyone with sniperrifle in the head....could be im an old man with glasses and all....but....
  10. Well.........uhmm...........