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  1. PonyLion is going 24 hours for charity. I enjoy his twitch stream in that there are often stunts and other tomfoolery that make it worth watching.
  2. Based on some of the leaked art, I wouldn't be surprised if it was a free to play, with in game purchases.
  3. Yeah plants v zombies is a solid game
  4. Please enlighten me, what is youtube bingo?
  5. Ha, you have nothing to worry about I'm not any good.
  6. Friend request accepted. See you in game.
  7. Yes "PC elitist" My game name is just fomabourne like my forum name.
  8. Oh wow. Thanks for the offer. I'm a one tag gamer, but I might just hang out with you guys in your forums a bit if that's cool. I will definitely stop in and play your OP locker server next time I'm playing. Do you guys us TS?
  9. Just thought I'd post a quick hello . My clan, precision clan (pRc), has our website setup to work with tapatalk too. That's how I found you guys, in the bf4 section of the tapatalk forum search . After reading a little I have to say... I like your style. You seem a lot like my clan, interested in having a good time, hanging out and generally just being chill. Cheers. (pRc)fomabourne