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  1. Iv been reading this but have not taken part in it I do agree its wrong 100%. I am also sure you are aware of this and how its effected some people. I also agree in 2nd chances "been here plenty of times with some of my own community members". THG. Anyway I would vote for a 2nd chance "not that I have a say in this" but I would also suggest "if this happens" that you think hard, also like you have stated plenty of times within thread behave! also tell all others about this and try never to allow any wps or you self to be in this situation again. my 2p... GL Spieers
  2. Glad to hear it works better Its most likely just a bug! we may need forum update / patches, we will have to see who else gets the issue and or if it can be fixed
  3. Hang on I thought I was going to have to make this post or similar my self, as Snickers has been telling me for a while he also gets this or an issue something todo with logging in to site! apparently if remember me is ticked it works better? I clicked sign in up top right "exsisting user just now" and it took me to another login page which it usually doesn't do that. So I made sure remember me was ticked and it worked! I think there is bugs! Edwina or someone might want to take a look?
  4. Nice work sanslik! I guess we could do with more admins "sanslik" is cool you lot know
  5. Yah mental bit of kit that is! Scary stuff silent and deadly
  6. @Si Si Sionn That's a great version m8 I was thinking of this when i saw the thread! but not that video! this one
  7. lol, there is a new battle log coming for BF4 and it may have the announcer built in it ;/ that's all i can think off lols. Its the same as BF1!! Its not completely out yet though I imagine we will have to start bf4 up the same way as bf1 at some point?
  8. That sucks bad, i looked yesterday when you mentioned it, I would get my money back quick time on the basis its not what they sold you any more should get a full refund even if its just a mth. Zartan the dice have 9 maps and the "community" owners have 6 maps it seems wtf ;/ Its a shame i hope they listen i would get your money back hurry up loads have done it already tell them why... let us know
  9. How many maps is there atm?, in the server filter I see only 6 atm so this could be why? although i have seen 9 maps set in a maplist on other servers so something seems out of place still ;/.
  10. Yeah this is something i have thought about too, i hate getting to game to find half the points have been capped already lol. Fingers crossed the change helps
  11. Yea the basic game is worth it! from Amazon since the premium upgrade will be reduced a few times more as yet in the future too, So £30 and 39.99 atm for premium is still cheaper than £108 which they want for ultimate which comes with a few extra battle packs etc etc.
  12. Hi kirikou97212 m8 i am all good "hiding in the shadows" however i'm in same boat as you well "most tbh" I hate it that they are stopping us "atm" of administrating the server/s or using certain plugins etc etc etc.. I also hate the price they always want. However it is a gg and especially with friends. I have only owned it for a couple of hrs and it deffo runs better than the beta, also I haven't seen a cheater yet "as we did see loads in the beta" I missed out on the starwars due to these similar issues too but atm its as cheap as it will get for a good while. that in mind i grabbed it. you should to and come game with me/us Viva BF1 server: "temp atm so i believe" search: La Casa Esceplan see you there at some point
  13. I grabbed the deluxe version as it seems as this deal will be as low as it will go for a very long time so grab it whilst its reduced and anything else you like with the discounts... Who's getting it that already has not!? if its in your plans this is as cheap as it will go at least for 6mths possibly a year going by the other bf series Added link for those lazy ones..
  14. Hi chipsan, There has been a few wonder where you are / been indeed i heard of posters going out soon too lol, see you server side
  15. Yes Sir!!! Wowsers andy, good to see you apply n8owl is great but so am I though lol or any of our members really as you are a true reg, you have been around as long as myself and longer. Good luck m8