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  1. I didnt know how to mute the video but I was watching a stream
  2. https://youtu.be/_xtM_ATYkUM https://youtu.be/eiRwJJrpHG4 https://youtu.be/csP9pXypAJ4 https://youtu.be/s6PqTG8Rm7w https://youtu.be/bndsOMtcEpc
  3. Right now on server 2
  4. Server #2 12/01/17 Wall hacks. http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/Androb2304/ ... https://youtu.be/NWgCrPLAV-w Prefiring https://youtu.be/cBAgDLE2bNA ... https://youtu.be/cpAqD0nUB3o Forgets his bullets cant pass through walls. https://youtu.be/1vWtH_l5a94 Looking into the lower tunnel, sees two players and runs to prepare for them. https://youtu.be/DBDkeWmxDhQ Sees the player above him. https://youtu.be/t33aWOgOKEA
  5. Just a 980 but i play at the lowest settings with Mesh on ultra quality What about you?
  6. Server #2 on 10/01/17, however they have played on the server multiple times on earlier dates I just didn't get time to gather proof. Don't know the HP of the player but I though it could be a sign. https://youtu.be/2-yOeFUkJC0 Players are at 100 Hp but they dont seem to shoot at this guy so not definite proof but he has hipfired for all these kills. https://youtu.be/GZV4Vgfe8ME Amorphis at the start and minni at the end. I thought you had to tap fire to be accurate at that range but I guess holding left click works. https://youtu.be/xvi_2LjcF94 At 0:11 @manti_k0r_bf4 instantly getting killed from 100 Hp while he is hip firing. https://youtu.be/jLvlCaDI0Ec I think this is definite proof. https://youtu.be/QcLQ2ZhMsSA and https://youtu.be/S7bstkLiTps If you look closely laser first points at the player through the wall but then decides to shoot at the sensor without killing it and completely ignores the player. https://youtu.be/m1HEHh6sxL4 If you slow it down to the slowest setting at 0:40 you can see after they have killed the last player in the tunnel he briefly starts shooting at the spawn beacon which is not in his line of sight. https://youtu.be/4uAWeXcCKis Hip firing from range. https://youtu.be/hOAMBZj3kTw
  7. Server #2 on 10/01/17, however they have played on the server multiple times on earlier dates I just didn't get time to gather proof. This is what started me to think this person was hacking. In this link the player kills three people pretty much instantly (I was at full health) while walking and hip firing with an LMG. https://youtu.be/G5oL5JymRXg Hip firing to kill enemies not definite proof but odd for a player with 1.5k hours in the game. https://youtu.be/HZQdqtkaKls Luck? https://youtu.be/t6emBVTpeUw Kills two players while hip firing into a narrow gap. https://youtu.be/Z_rMoV3ETFQ Not 100% sure on this one. https://youtu.be/5oRYNkhd7ZQ Hip firing again. https://youtu.be/wB1Jjz_U3EI ... https://youtu.be/npQnWG6YdLw ... https://youtu.be/4mjphWDhqME Casually kills two players while hip firing, the second kill on seddas is strange. https://youtu.be/T7OqoaJnKko ... https://youtu.be/81Fs21ntEf0 ... https://youtu.be/qJmRgRlB3ZQ This one is weird, he/she clearly aims for the far person but then randomly snaps to the closer person as they stand then aims inbetween two people, this may have been player controlled. https://youtu.be/_6X6_CGSmBk Spec bug? players aim lines up with a enemy player while holding mouse 1. https://youtu.be/_fMjcsLu0K4
  8. http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/battlereport/show/1/811663528153618816/230861903/ Report doesn't match with his stats, 57 headshots - 87 kills, was switching between different fully auto guns during the round Don't have video proof since I was at low health but found that he joined this website last month: http://www.unknowncheats.me/forum/members/1695175.html
  9. 19:44 Oct 19, 2016 BaiksBGR: go out like you leave eu 19:44 Oct 19, 2016 BaiksBGR: english prick 19:55 Oct 19, 2016 BaiksBGR: aakix 19:55 Oct 19, 2016 BaiksBGR: i wish you to die dude
  10. Blizzard are sending Overwatch keys out to anyone who pre-ordered today, since i always play on viva servers when i play BF4 I thought I would post my second key here. Good luck to who ever gets it . Beta Key: 6620502141003568388428700 To prepare for battle now, enter and redeem your Open Beta Early Access Key at http://battle.net/code , then give your additional beta key to a friend. Afterwards, log in to the Battle.net desktop app, click the Overwatch tab, select your region from the drop-down menu, and click “Install”. You’ll be ready for action when the servers come online on May 3.
  11. Go to your documents > Battlefield 4 > settings > open "PROFSAVE_profile" with wordpad and make these changes Heli - http://imgur.com/Qp52y2I Jet- http://imgur.com/5QpMX3g Hopefully this helps
  12. I think the only way you would be able to enter it back in is by editing the ini file for the game
  13. Do you mean this? http://imgur.com/3UjXYkp You just have to scroll down to get the option
  14. Thanks for the reply I now see the options to change my profile picture
  15. Hi I've been trying to edit my profile so I can change my profile picture but I keep getting the message "You are not allowed to edit this profile", or do i need specific requirements to edit my profile? Also just wondering why the server has been going down a lot recently I can't seem to find any news about it. I'd like to support the server in the future as its my go to server once I'm no longer a student.