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  1. Welcome! You've actually caught us at a somewhat bad time, we're right in the middle of some changes! Recruitment will be closed for another week or 2, and we'll be moving to new forums, details of which will be posted soon. So, when we move, if you could re-register and then post your application again, we can get things started! Until then, feel free to hang around and get to know people
  2. So far, none of your responses in this thread give us any real reason to unban you. What reassurances can you give us that you wouldn't act in this way again if your ban was lifted? We take these things very seriously here at viva, everyone should be able to play on our servers and have a good time without having to read a chatlog like yours.
  3. Banned, cheers
  4. Welcome! Unfortunately we're having a recruitment freeze at the moment, so we're not accepting new members right now. However, please hang out on the forums, get to know our members and as soon as recruitment re-opens we can let you know and progress your application from there
  5. Battlefield 1 is also available on amazon's black friday deals, it's £29.99 for the standard edition, no idea about the deluxe one though!
  6. I read a lot of books, whenever I find myself with enough spare time to really focus on them, and everyone constantly recommends The Dark Tower series, including people I know who normally hate reading, so they're probably worth a read
  7. I don't even know how they get away with this, some of that trailer was just actual overwatch footage
  8. Basically, no. Besides I don't think server 1 will ever change, we have a vanilla conquest server so that everybody can play there, and not everybody will be around to download the free DLC.
  9. Naa, I've just been leaving it and hoping it fixes itself
  10. Happens to me all the time more lately than it used to, no idea why.
  11. Banned him.
  12. He's been banned
  13. Most of this is old, but he showed up on server 1 tonight and his chat is just not good. 1 22:58 Aug 1, 2016 Avic11 snackbar 2 00:34 Jan 15, 2016 Avic11 !rank 3 00:30 Jan 15, 2016 Avic11 lovely map 4 00:29 Jan 15, 2016 Avic11 was going 5 00:26 Jan 15, 2016 Avic11 if u look with a magnifying glass 6 00:24 Jan 15, 2016 Avic11 deepfried 7 00:24 Jan 15, 2016 Avic11 i love chinese dicks 8 00:24 Jan 15, 2016 Avic11 i love bananas 9 00:19 Jan 15, 2016 Avic11 you need more refugee dick 10 00:16 Jan 15, 2016 Avic11 no only dirty refugees 11 00:16 Jan 15, 2016 Avic11 lol camper 12 00:09 Jan 15, 2016 Avic11 not so nice 13 00:09 Jan 15, 2016 Avic11 nice 14 23:44 Jan 14, 2016 Avic11 its already lost lol 15 23:39 Jan 14, 2016 Avic11 fag dont steal 16 23:37 Jan 14, 2016 Avic11 annd she loves dirty jihadi dick 17 23:36 Jan 14, 2016 Avic11 merkel is muslim 18 23:34 Jan 14, 2016 Avic11 no we killed them all
  14. Guessing this guy has probably already been banned, but just in case he hasn't... 21:29 Jul 28, 2016 ORANGE2304 i hope you get cancer That was on server 1.
  15. Just push their head, gently of course, if they have no ponytail. Slightly less fun but same end result!