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  1. Welcome BulletMagnett enjoy in your time at server locker
  2. Thanks for reporting @AaKiX @orq can check
  3. Hello mate we miss you wish all best to you enjoy in your time it's look amazing I like bike
  4. He was played with pistol? killed me 5 times I want to check him but forgot
  5. Thanks
  6. Wuschelpuschel95 and drayota VIP slot not working @El Kedalfi @Zartan
  7. @Eragon_G36 hi m8 btf4 its my first online game when i am start play my K/d was 0.06 you need know map very good and playing in good squad try to unlock weapon dogtag 500 kill this make your aim better
  8. I am sure about that
  9. why?
  10. Happy new year
  11. what can I do @MoJo i was drunk no he say servers down i look at server not down was problem EA and he say happy new year i type happy new year