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  1. let me dream
  2. open port like this
  3. yes I know i am playing at 90-120 ping normal skills and K/D but if my ping 16 i will kill all i think my K/D be over 3
  4. @MoJo here it depend at company sometimes my ping high over 100 no one use my net in winter ping very bad my cousin the lordZ in his area viper net available 60 mb same my ping 90-120 look at my test speed
  5. its safe to open all port ?
  6. hi m8 i know your problem i have same here we live in very long distance to server the problem in net company here in jordan same problem i try all net company all very bad but always my ping 80-120 normal i use ADSL net its better solution i know in Iraq difference but you can ask and trying what best net in game online i know many player playing at 150 ping its normal
  7. @MoJo I like Owls but here Arabic people they don't like Owl because if someone hear owl something wrong well happen bad thing i know that not truth
  8. Hello man how are you ? we miss you
  9. hello all I think this topic for ban appeals let admins decide they know what best for viva I have confidence on admins here the guy was mistake and we hear his apology . spanners good luck with your appeal
  10. go playing at viva server 1