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  1. For your PC you should only be using the ethernet connection, when you're playing games if there's people on phones watching YouTube it can make a big difference. Check speedtest.net though it's the best way forward. Test your ping during busy times of the day and off-peak hours. Then see how your ping is when you play games.
  2. First of all I'd make sure you're using an ethernet cable connection and not Wifi if you haven't done that yet. Second, make sure you don't have any new background processes or torrents which could be taking up your bandwidth, anyone sharing your connection who streams frequently or downloads movies will cause your ping to spike. Check your latency at speedtest.net and see how you're doing on that site at different times during the day. If your latency is low on speednet but high on the servers then it would be a server side issue rather than your client PC, although that's unlikely since the servers tend to be stable. When you play on the servers, what does your ping usually rest at? Does it temporarily spike and subsequently get you kicked out or is it constantly high?
  3. aww ty
  4. I leave you guys alone for a few weeks and come back to this, dafuq happened here.
  5. Got a VPN and proxy lists are easy to get so I'm not too worried although I do use Spotify for music so maybe that makes up for streaming tv shows and movies?
  6. It sort of can on 1080p, it hovers between 70-90 most of the time. Sometimes dropping to 60
  7. That's not the PC he uses, it's just the one he's getting sponsored to sell. He's got a PC with the old Titan X's and one with a 1070 last I checked
  8. You sexy beast. I'll be playing at random times, bit unpredictable atm cause of uni shit but think i'll play some tonight
  9. He didn't seem to know the difference between a 1440p screen and a 4k screen when he reviewed the Asus PG348Q so that's why I was assuming
  10. Yeah he is sponsored by them, pretty cool PC if someone if they a diehard fan but hardly something to recommend imo
  11. You'd be better off following Linus's holiday guide on what to buy. JackFrags knows very little about tech and that's an expensive PC considering it's only got a 1060, for a cheaper price you can get a PC with more 16GB of RAM rather than 8 and a 1070 instead of a 1060
  12. Been looking at the picture for a while and still not sure how this can't be seen in a dirty way. Maybe if someone mentions what I'm meant to be looking at?
  13. Server #2 needs to fix its population issues before it can even consider an upgrade tbh
  14. This video had me tapping my feet all the way through
  15. It's an amazing coincidence that you chose the Hindu symbol of luck and have a very passionate view of the Holocaust and question its existence. You totally weren't trying to bait people with that symbol... Dipshit, the meaning is clear so quit trying to sound smart. I can absolutely guarantee you're a child who's trying to be edgy. It's pathetic. Grow up and please: