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  1. !
  2. Every day of my life is like that
  3. Fucked up writing part for 60% for sure. But listening and regardingly reading went well, thanks to you gyus. Your contribution cannot be overestimated.
  4. Passed today. Seems like a hillarious fail Gotta get even more fluent today in "Lancashire" yah?
  5. Thak you mate, I appreciate your initiation. I might "use" your help tomorrow, if you don't mind. What time is comfortable for you?
  6. Thank you very much mate. When you will be online ?
  7. Hello Brits! Just want to ask someone, who is a native english speaker, to spend with me 1 on 1 (in a separate TS room) 15 mins or more speaking about any topic you would like. No matter what it would be: wrench, flower, toilet, airport, love, deer, crime, mars etc. That is in order to make myself prepeared for IELTS exam, held by british council. Some sort of rehearsal. I want it to make as good conversation, mutually asking questions to each other, unlike it is at interview. Mostly, I need myself to be asked on a chosen topic. Let me underline once more: since my examinator is going to be from Cambridge, I want to speak with someone who lives in britain for major part of life. (Bizzle, Meth, Sion and others). Since one attempt is worth of 120~140 GBP... If anyone is willing let me know! Just arrange a comfortable time for you, during next two days. 27th and 28th of October. And it is not so impudent to say frankly "gtfo with your boring shit", or "you owe me 20.000 GBP for it"
  8. Hello Viva !)) I just can't not to share this with you, Brits
  9. How many bones were cracked ?
  10. Is a cavalry announced ? I assume horses will spawn as quadbikes in bf4. Only few will be available at one time
  11. Poor horses !!!11 Tbh the question of weapon variety in this game is very very questionable They fcking used all the same guns during WW1, they are even the same by the exterior ! What this game can provide to attract ? They could have released new battlefield with more... MOAR TANKS !!! TANKS!! my precious... How can someone stay indifferent to this beauty ? Or this ? Anyways. So much could be done to improve an existing base... But nah, horses will bring success
  12. This day we, who live in post soviet territory, celebrate The Victory Day. 8th of march, 71 years ago, German state has surrendered under pressure of allied forces. This war has taken over 24 millions lives from USSR, 11 of that amout were ukrainians. You will not find a single family in ukraine which was not affected by this terror. Same is fair for my own. The paid wage for peace is horrible... But without our mutual help to each other, without brave british pilots and air forces, engineers, inventors of radar system, wise politics victory could not be reached. This is what unites us, at least our older generations. Nevertheless I am proud to congratulate you! Glory to veterans! Glory to their courage! May it be peace, may your marvelous island will never know danger from sea and sky! Never again! "You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word: Victory. Victory at all costs—Victory in spite of all terror—Victory, however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival." (c)
  13. Even me, being Ukrainian prick, I've never felt myself aloof in VIVA. Not even speaking about lingual barrier, which is almost defeated with the help of VIVA members. The level of friendship in this community is empyreal. I completely don't understand your choice, but respect it. Have a good luck with everything
  14. And some more Jesus, I was looking at city around more than at car. Those people live in a marvelous country!
  15. Restriction reason. I would like to know, what ban is given for ? Probably, beacause Taklamm had annoyed whole server with his tank. Funny, tell me please, why did I get a ban on server ? I am sorry for my bad English of course. But I had written everything clear and I would like to know the reason ? Ban was given for aimhack, which I did not use. Me and Taklamm were driving the tank, and I was his gunner and I was aiming laser on vehicles substantially. I've never used cheats. Maybe, it is your admins got offended by me and Taklamm killing them every 2 minutes ? I am Russian. The last phrase was the hardest to translate. This is what he said. Tried my best to deliver the sense to you Do not hesitate to call me when you require some translations guys. Always happy to SERVE THE REVOLUCION !!!!!!11