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  1. Dafuq? Anyways hbd a bit late @MoJo. ❤😁
  2. Please don't blame me for sitting here, i sit long long time and trying to write something useful about this...
  3. Lol I bet he put claymores in a wide perimeter around his cottage and sits inside drinking vodka for a couple of months.
  4. Mojo still in hiding?
  5. Sounds delicious. I thought it was some kind of meatball but bigger.
  6. Um what's that?
  7. Not UK only. I spotted Sweden and us quite fast.
  8. 0:30 shot is awesone.
  9. Yeah I can see what you mean and perhaps that was a bit clumsy of me and point fell beside.
  10. Well talking is one thing. Tossing garbage around is another issue. Make a post what you want to talk about or even better. PM up the chain. Talk to the guy close or above. If you leave you have accomplished nothing, remember that.
  11. I'd go ahead and recommend my latest. Jack reacher - Never go back Why? Simply because sometimes it just feels good to watch a good old action flick. Standard by the book but well done. You can say lots of things, you could even go out on a line and claim that Tom Cruise is a dumbass. Now this may very well be true buut keep in mind. This is the one guy that never fails. His movies, I think most of them has a point of at least 7.0 on IMDB. He may be compensating for issues but he tries really hard to make it work, and it does. Now this one is rated lower but it surely works just fine, at least for me. As I said. It's by the book but well done. If you like older ones consult the top rated 250 list on IMDB. Most of the movies there are top notch. Needs to be said though, nothing this year comes close to movies like Star wars the force awakens 2015 or Interstellar 2014 but still, there are a few good hours.
  12. This is kind of what I would expect to see if I happened to accidentally stumble into spanier casa.
  13. Seeing apple in number three with all stars made me stop reading. Soo...no.