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  1. And they can only kick / ban from within the game, so have to load the game first, then bring down a menu from within the game. As always. EA sucks!
  2. Definitely a Fuck Wit!
  3. Nice Idea!
  4. would this be of interest to anyone? I think they are planning an event this Sunday, TM vs all-comers 64 player maps, I don't get involved in this, and not playing too much at the moment. https://www.facebook.com/events/235863730128407/ i think this link explains it.
  5. NAA LOOKS LIKE HACKS TO ME, the head shot ratio's for LMG's is insane, not possible me thinks. https://www.247fairplay.com/CheatDetector/Lordtravica#toc-current-bf4-battlelog-stats
  6. Ha Ha..... Tit Head!
  7. Did someone mention original RSOBB All I remember from them days is some git................ Turning us all into clocks and hedges FFS..... what a TIT.. Wonder what ever happened to him..... oh well. Twas a blast back then, but ViVa, great community and hey, would be a shame to see you go Grave maybe reconsider?
  8. Thanks fella
  9. And Hello Cliff, where ya been for so long!
  10. I think this is also offensive and deserves a Ban. 14 00:08 Feb 29, 2016 V1k1ng_W4rr1or goat fucking child molesting arab nose picking arse licking panda wanker
  11. LoL...what an Ass!
  12. topkek

    So let me get this right! You want to be unbanned because you get decent ping to our servers? BUT, you do not ask WHY you were banned. Interesting!
  13. This Guy has appealed elsewhere today for the same reasons, and the chat log sucks! No Lift from me.