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  1. This looks awesome Jack! I don't think our rats would be a fan of me slicing some online rats up how many player co-op is it??
  2. I've just bought my first car... Had my licence for 6 years but wanted to put it off as long as possible. Winter is coming though so the motorbike just won't cut the mustard when the rain and snow hit properly. And my girlfriend wouldn't feel comfortable on her 50cc beast. I have to wait a month until I hit 25 though 'cause my insurance drops by £400 and there ain't no way I'm paying £400 for the month. Best birthday present to myself EVER
  3. First phone was a Sagem MW 3020 My current phone is an iPhone 4S Which was a downgrade from my Nexus 4... But it started heating up and was doing crazy things :'(
  4. I've seen too many but a few that I can watch over and over again... - Back to the Future - Battle Royale - Into the Wild
  5. Hahaha, this is amazing What about Laura Prepon Octi?? She has a voice that seduces you but also reminds you that she could kill you at any point
  6. That's the blood of his previous lovers... He doesn't need coconut lube.
  7. Floofers, if you were straight then??
  8. Brewdog is awesome as hell. The one in Manchester is my go-to whenever I'm in there. Punk IPA and Dead Pony Club are the two I enjoy most haha! I was going to buy shares in them, but for £42.50 a pop I'm not too fussed haha!
  9. It's like a typed rendition of two girls one cup... At least that was kind of entertaining.
  10. Blade, what did I just watch? Haha, this guy is ready...