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  1. MOHAA+expansions and COD+ expansion are still my n°1 fps games, cod 4 was also great and then they lost it
  2. mark my words, they gonna sell loads of copies because the people want the remastered version of cod 4 mw yep most people are that dumb to do such things
  3. i boughed the Backer Tier: Early Access - Gold
  4. the weapons thats going to be in the game
  5. NSFW

    when a female doesn't shower for a few days it starts to smell, so thats the secret to the "feel her smell", yep i just shatterd your dreams
  6. NSFW

    @El Edwina WTF are you doing daily at your pc that you find such stuff
  7. even steam is supporting this game
  8. Finaly people see the light and starting to make WW2 fps games again
  9. in my younger years i prefered MOHAA above bf1942, hate planes or tanks that kills you all the time @ El Edwina the times of mohaa are the best imo (and cod afcourse)
  10. imo shooters with perks and other crap are shit
  11. my first pc was a Pentium mmx 66hz with a wooping 4 mb of ram, with the awesomne windows 3.11 to do some shit on it. now that i think of this setup, MAN IM GETTING OLD
  12. personaly i don't like how the game dev's are acting now on new games, the game isn't out and already they are selling some kind of passes/ premium editions for expansions maps for way to many money. i mean how can you pay for an expansion while you don't know what the maps are or gametype, look at premium for bf4, how many server are running those new maps ? im sick and tired of all those money hungry company's that ruining games, and still people are pre-ordering and pre order the so called season passes. end of rant
  13. Medal of Honor Allied Assault, nuff said
  14. Welcome to the nuthouse. I started playing mmo's when i tryed star wars te old republic and then guild wars 2, after that i went to wow and leveld up a mistweaver monk and frost deathknight (both Alliance) Wow for me is pure for the pvp aspect "im on sylvanas pvp realm", but lately the pvp scene has to many whiners so i stopped playing it. and the removal of pvp gear in legion (stupid holinka) See you on the battlefield
  15. yeah, to busy harassing me on mohaa and cod