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  1. Is there a chance element in this phrase? Is it like saying "fate has decided" or "destiny" or is there a conscious choice involved?
  2. Fuck, I lost everything I wrote because of a fucking chrome extension and I can't be arsed to rewrite it. There has been some community attempts to organize competitive tournaments and those were quite successful in my opinion. As for whether EA is going to support this idea that remains to be seen but just a couple of weeks ago we saw that blizzard actually paying millions of dollars to have professional players play their game. So it definitely matters for every game that they have active players and as you said BF has a relatively small learning curve so it is a golden opportunity. I expect a move towards competitive gameplay from Activation or EA but again, we shall see.
  3. I think I'm on their side. So, why not play the devil's advocate? I doubt that this would solve anything because they want to be sure that people are playing their game the way they intended it to be played. Let's think it this way. I have something like 200hrs play time in BF4 and I still haven't played on all mods. It's like the time when I've discovered the rush-like-but-with-ships-thingy for the first time with You and Octi and was really happy about it but it took roughly 170 hrs to find it. This is what, I believe they mean by not giving too much power to the admins. Some mods or even maps die out just because admins don't want to see them on their servers. Also, the server list is full of servers like "no mortar" "no sniper" "no shotgun" "no vehicle" "no this or that"... It's like releasing a brand new All-in-one PC but letting shops to sell it in pieces. I don't think that is the case. They would give, their left bollocks and a nice handjob to reach the number of active players that other shooters like CS:GO has. Or to have popular teams and tournaments. For the ban/kick thing. I agree that it's important to have those to create a friendly environment but this only works if admins are good willing. It's like socialism, you trust the government but what if the government turns the country into China... I'm happy with the voting system to kick/ban people. It works here better than it does in any other game such as again CS:GO. It's because there are more players playing it on a single server so it's hard to manipulate the poll results with your band just to fuck with someone.
  4. "EA" now stands for "Expel All. (Your Money. From Your Wallet. So That We Can Have It. And Then Be A Dick About It)" -Yathzee
  5. Just as I said. They are deleting everything inside that directory not the directory itself. So they have to use /*. But if you don't care about the directory itself then just /
  6. I'm sure. Because if you just do rm -rf / it will delete everything including the directory itself. But if you do rm -rf /* it will delete everything inside the directory but not the directory itself.
  7. Yes. I believe so. It just means delete every "mudda fuckin' thing" same with using wildcards(*).
  8. The holy grail of PC cleaning. But while in your times rm -rf / was sufficient. But now you need to do rm -rf / --no-preserve-root so that idiots wouldn't delete their entire system, or rather "unlink" their entire system. But as the ancient Unix legend goes; "as long as you are logged in, the system is not dead yet." "By now we had been joined by Alasdair, our resident UNIX guru, and as luck would have it, someone who knows VAX assembler. So our plan became this: write a program in assembler which would either rename /tmp to /etc, or make /etc, assemble it on another VAX, uuencode it, type in the uuencoded file using my gnu, uudecode it (some bright spark had thought to put uudecode in /usr/bin), run it, and hey presto, it would all be plain sailing from there. By yet another miracle of good fortune, the terminal from which the damage had been done was still su'd to root (su is in /bin, remember?), so at least we stood a chance of all this working." Unix Recovery Legend
  9. If you want to get rid of entire store you can use this command in the PowerShell Get-AppxPackage -allusers | Remove-AppxPackage It deletes every installed app and then the store Tho, I don't completely recommend. It might be hard to reinstall store back.
  10. Oh you bet they can and they do but no matter how much you polish it will still taste like a turd.
  11. Because they waste too much money and resource to make those "fancy" graphics and leave the rest of the game to die. I mean who among us wouldn't prefer Fallout: New Vegas to Fallout4.