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  1. Haven't done this in a while... There is a guy on server #1 right now (9:50pm GMT) who is typing lot's of anti-muslim hate garbage in the chat. I've got a screen shot, but I am sure you can look up the logs. Cheers.
  2. Yes. I am getting it, but I probably won't pre-order it.
  3. Don't get killed is a good strategy)) But sometimes you are avenging someone in your team. Sometimes you take care of roof glitchers etc. They killed it now with this patch. Exactly what Demolitionbuddy said "when its not broken, dont fix it".
  4. For me it was important to be able to get back to the roof campers on Pearl Market map. There are couple of really nasty spots there. So when I get killed with C4 in a stairwell, now I have to wait a minute before I can payback.
  5. Basically you need to be alive a certain amount of time before you can start using UCAV. I think about 2 minutes or so. May sound like no big deal, but for me it's a total game changer. Check it out yourself and see how you like it.
  6. What do you guys think of the post-patch UCAV now?
  7. That's what she said Seriously though. I always wanted a bigger screen. I spend a ton of time on my phone surfing web, viewing pictures, watching shows and playing games. As soon as I held it in my hand I fell in love instantly. It felt like the perfect size for me. After using 6+ I picked up my old iPhone 4 and if felt really small, awkward and kinda ugly. And I used to love my 4.
  8. I got 6+ couple of weeks ago. So happy with it.
  9. This is just awesome. The dude is very talented. See for yourself:
  10. I know we have the Revolucion Radio thread, but I have a feeling this sweet little video is gonna get lost in there. Enjoy
  11. Don't know how this mistake happened, but this guys are pros. Watch a lot of videos with them busting bad boys. Always a thrill.
  12. Rip. Very sad. Great actor. Although didn't see him much lately, but he was one of my favorite actors from my childhood. Also this being a suicide is so messed up.