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  1. 850rpm, 97 rounds in drum and counter balance for recoil, I bet Dice would still nerf it.
  2. These are all real recipe books.
  3. It looks like my granny was wrong, she said you couldn't... It seems that you can
  4. But surely @El Cockardo if I was innocent, I would just make a video and show it to you?
  5. Here VIVA member have kd of 2.9, you think he is a cheat also
  6. @BulletMagnett I hope you live up to your name and make it easy for me Welcome to the house of VIVA.
  7. @MrIbra I prefer this one though.
  8. They don't care, it's all about the money.
  9. PML, even with his hax he couldn't kill the guy.
  10. at the height of the Industry many years ago, that much shit in the air from factory, probably not see daylight one year to next