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  1. Really, one handed surfing in the dark
  2. Looks like some kind of illuminated bondage?
  3. This will help in your application ^^
  4. Hi and welcome @TheGamingClaw Our very own @El Zartan will be along soon to provide more details.
  5. So I guess for now we can say....
  6. Is this usefull?
  7. @Eragon_G36 what is ping when only you are using Internet and no other people?
  8. PML, I do not miss this life at all, ho fucking ho.
  9. TX all, keep this up, we might make to my next Bday
  10. Good song, good movie.
  11. I'm good, keep trying Roman, never give up & never give in.
  12. Saw TV documentary about Freddy Mercury last night and thought this was quite apt to where VIVA is right now.