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  1. Can I watch the fight, here Bill with European Eagle Owl.
  2. Thank you @Devajufan We had one of those at the sanctuary where I volunteer. A couple of our Owls. You looking at me?
  3. I have had them for ages, they are fine, never had anything else to compare them with.
  4. Thanks all, very thoughtful, and the beer bash made it even better. Today I am on auto pilot all day.
  5. Thanks @Z3N1G4T4 I Have deleted some of the crap from mailbox.
  6. I remember sucking on 3 of them
  7. What I do not understand is this, when I'm pissed of I'll say... "You fucking cunt/twat/bastard/asshole/shithead/bell end" etc. Never would it enter my head to call someone "a fucking jew" with all it's implications.
  8. @Spanners convince me you are not a racist. 2:07:22 Feb 05, 2017 flottenheim JEWISH CUNT 01:14:10 Feb 05, 2017 flottenheim if you're circumcised you are disgusting 01:12:51 Feb 05, 2017 flottenheim not a fan of circumcised cocks
  9. @Sky get up and dance
  10. I came home from work to find the wife sitting down with her legs wide open. "Do you have knickers on?". I asked her. "No" she winked. "Thank fuck for that. I thought we had a massive rip in the new couch"
  11. "RSP admins will now also have prioritized access to their server." That implies to me that everyone would nee to be an admin?
  12. Wow, they made a video of my life