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    I play way too many games and watch more movies than are physically possible. (There aren't enough hours in the day)

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  1. I think you may have just painted a target on your back mate. Because you're going to be my new go-to with complaints guy whenever my VM is being shitty... sorry mate.
  2. Welcome aboard mate, look forward to seeing you around! Cheers, FillNill
  3. Eh... I just like the funny videos.
  4. Alright revolutionaries time to post your favorite April 1st pranks! (I'm board and stuck at home sick... don't judge a bloke! ) Rules: Has to be from this year (2016). I don't think it has to be a big only fancy prank (youtube, amazon, etc. ) It just has to be funny. Don't talk about fight club. Alright, I'll kick things of with one from back home! PS. Watch in SnoopaVision... Cheers, FillNill
  5. Ahhh fuck... We need an April fools thread. Also, gg Zartan, GG! FillNill
  6. I've been playing way to much of Factorio latelly... way too much! It's sucked me up and spit me out like some sort of late 90s, isometric whore. (It isn't pretty) If anyone else has it or wants to get into it (careful, it's like smack!) let me know we can play some multiplayer. Also, I'm with family atm over Easter and all that. My PC hear is only OK... (750ti) so playing the division is crap. I played it for a hour or so the other day it was ok but running the game on like below low settings it sucks. I really want to play it more. Maybe I'll just grit my teeth and bare it... Anyway, just wanted to post something... haven't in a while. Oh and thank you again for all the happy Birthday wishes! Cheers, FillNill
  7. If you guys do setup a server to try and get this let me know, i'd love to get it!
  8. Good luck
  9. Hhmmm... not sure. I'm just gonna wait and see.
  10. Yeah... probably.
  11. Everyday some one is having a problem with win10. It's just putting me off upgrading. I'll stick to 7 for now.
  12. Oh no, I get that. I played witcher 3 only on controller. I'm just intrested in how they implamented it. Sometimes these things feel like an after thought on PC.
  13. I've been looking forward to this game for ages. Still looks good/ interesting. The biggest thing is the controls, I mean in all the demos I've seen it looks really controller heaver. And I'm obvs. going to play on PC so how mouse/ keyboard ends up working.
  14. @El Cockardo Bloody great post. Going to try this as soon as my new hotas arrives later this week! :3 Can't wait!