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  1. If you're unable to download the Dragon's Teeth Expansion on the PC and you have Premium membership, do the following: Right Click BF4 under your My Games section > View Game Details Under the Expansions Section you should see BF4 Dragon's Teeth. Click it > Download. If it's shaded out, not allowing you to click Download, Exit your Origin Client entirely Right Click the Origin Client in your Taskbar > Exit Re-start the client and repeat the process above...it should now be available. That should sort it out for you.
  2. Normally early evening during the the week most of the crew are about then.
  3. Enjoy the weather!
  4. I've just added you in game and also to the platoon
  5. Welcome Luc, Your 2 week trial starts today then it's down to our members to vote you in so make yourself known, Here's a couple of links for you to join our platoon http://battlelog.bat...80195474743044/ Please add me in game http://battlelog.bat...s/185712947/pc/ All the Team Speak details are on the main page you will see a password below the main banner, any problems joing it just hola Good luck with your application and I look forward to seeing you on the servers
  6. And here's me thinking you were linking in my Facebook account. Lolz
  7. Great to listen to whilst playing in game.
  8. Another great track. http://youtu.be/geHLdg_VNww
  9. Defiantly NO
  10. Howdy Bram, Welcome to the forums I like the dress it suits you As your going to be on holiday for 18 days there is no point us starting your 2 week trial until after you get back. Have a great holiday and let us know when your back home. Don't forget the postcard. Thanks Mate
  11. It's not that loud just in comparison to my old one it's noisier.
  12. Now that looks like fun I'd try it.
  13. Excellent didn't he feel stupid
  14. Do you have a laptop available to use at work?