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  1. Hey Everyone It's been some time, since I last wrote on the forumz. I hope you're all doing fine. For anyone who's wondering, what I was up to the last months, I'd like to share. We started manufacturing bicycles in bella Italia. From Track bikes, to Road, up to Cyclocross bikes. All bikes are handmade by the masters themselves and the paintjob... oh my. (Yeah I like to brag) If you'd like to see more, if you like bicycles, you can follow us here: and soon: Thanks for reading everyone Take care Panda EDIT: yes I'm advertising here... sort of. if it's not ok, you can of course delete it.
  2. As always, thank you guys for the warm welcome back. I'm soon gonna be back for sure. But as of right now, still things to do. The super woman is from Finland, likes meat, likes to drink and manufactures bikinis.... What more can you ask. Thanks again everyone.
  3. Hello my fellow VIVA maniacs I've been gone for quite some time now. Some people may know why, some probably don't. The short version: I had to take care of myself, deal with some problems and got engaged. I really had to shut myself off, and I'm sorry if some felt misguided or anything. But it was something, I had to do. Hope everyone's doing fine. And to all the new folks in VIVA, hello, I'm Panda. Missed you guys Love Panda
  4. THUNDERCATTSSSS!!!! I WAS IN LOVE. AAAND SILVERHAWKS!!!!!! BOTH MY FAV!!! ANd of course stuff that has been mentioned already. Just realized that Thundercats has already been posted.... but it was the best of em all... deal with it.
  5. I know they do record all kinds of stuff, but here you can check your history:
  6. mouth? where it normally comes out?
  7. you all disgust me...
  8. overwatch makes my heart smile. finally a company with a strong stand against cheaters. I hope they will keep updating their anti cheat system, because these cheaters will find other ways. *flipping through cheat sites right now... some salty pages.*
  9. so good. but i hate heidi klum. ANd what's with the micing of the audience all of a sudden? probably paid, and acted very badly.
  10. By the way, both slots can be 16x, but that doesn't mean, both will do 16x when they're in use. They most probably won't. and if you have a m.2 card in it as well. Then you got a mess. It all depends on the motherboard and it's total bandwidth on the pcie lanes. Don't know if that makes sense.
  11. I only banned White_Sniperkill. There is just not enough evidence for the other guy.
  12. Thanks Fownet. I'll look into this. just one more thing, a good admin doesn't type into chat and engages with the cheaters unless he has proper evidence. Actually. Never do it, even though it's pretty tempting. Thanks
  13. A safari classic... turns every bf4 vehicle into a wildlife research car.
  14. Wanted to post the same Video ? he sunmed it up pretty well!