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  1. .
  2. I made a video to showcase the awesome TOW-missile
  3. Killfeed shows "Killed" no weapon shown. He made some comments about making our gameplay hell etc.
  4. Yes, I love it when people do this! :)) Especially on obliteration as there is no red-zone. Can easily add up like 10-20 kills on the same guys there
  5. My tip for you Div; keep mortaring
  6. I would say patience and persistence is the key to becoming better. Use your wits to outplay your opponents. Aim, prefire, awareness etc. comes after you do this for a while. Think of where to move, where to hide and when to fire. Be active, don't stand in one place for more than a minute as your chances of getting killed are increased exponentially. Always use minimap - its your spider sense. Try weapons "naked" at first and add some attachments whilst trying, before adding a new one to find the ones that suits you. If you only play locker, having an active squad is key, as you will have the opportunity to spawn closer to the action and they will most likely?!!? give you ammo and revive/heal. Also, never use smoke and laser sight combo, everybody can see you through that smoke
  7. Personally, I think the game is too boring. It looks magnificent and the graphics are beautiful. I have enjoyed the first 60 hours I played it as there were still things to unlock and complete. After I reached lvl 10, it just got worse and worse for me (ironically, the unlocks you get from lvl 10 are shite). Martini-Henry was fun, but it gets boring to just point and click and repeat. Hellriegel is nice for some situations, but shotguns and automatico are almost always favorable. What really makes the game boring tho, is the lack of tactical play. Everything is random and you'll be the luckiest twat alive if you can actually survive for more than a couple of minutes whilst doing something remotely useful for your team. I feel like they just reskinned battlefronts run and pewpewpew style of combat. The numbers speak for themselves, its fun to begin with, but once you realized there is nothing more to it, you get bored. It just lacks depth and re-playability. Rant over.....
  8. Would never buy premium. The game is shit... Also, why would they even sell premium at the moment? You get a few extra skins, but thats it..
  9. There has been an influx of hackers recently. On friday, we encountered 9 guys blatantly hacking and posting links to youtube streams. I watched the stream and I cannot understand how anyone can play like that.... First of all the entire screen is filled with yellow outlines of people and yellow lines. It looked like a MS paint drawing you did back in school when you just started using a computer. He sucked ass (movement wise) and all he did was click a button to kill people(but it didnt always work as his bullets did not travel through cover). At one point there were 3 hackers on 1 server having a battle vs. each other. Admin did not ban them straight away, but took their time teamswitching as soon as he spawned him until he actually raged (on his cheat stream with 3 viewers) and had to switch server.
  10. I've been following this. It seems to be steadily dropping (at least for PC). I think most people are getting bored with it now as there is limited re-playability of this game. Did they learn nothing from Battlefront?
  11. HAHaHa, that was fucked up
  12. Added some fun clips together!
  13. Argh!!! Now we gotta wait for those non-SSD peasants! Its fine
  14. I like the maps you have chosen Zartan