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  1. why did i post this here? sorry
  2. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/dirt-3-complete-edition-free-game
  3. Try it while its free http://www.polygon.com/2016/10/23/13371620/star-citizen-alpha-free-to-play
  4. runs fine on my old 560ti. even after my card stopped working and i shoved it in the oven for 15 minuites on 220 degrees
  5. oh i spent the last few mins of beta sniping. i liked.
  6. OK so Closed Alpha Invites have been sent out. Anyone playing today???
  7. Sounds good. I've only just started dipping my toes back into Battlefield 4 and still have expansions and maps yet to try out. So ill def be on it
  8. ive been getting this alot since last patch. just go in your online settings and click find another session
  9. could get a cessna for that. cool stuff though, bet you could earn money hiring it out
  10. wow shes getting anal at 1.07
  11. But we can already shoot around corners in BF4
  12. you know what it looks like when players are online though dont you? They are little white dots
  13. ok i wont be on till a bit later tho m8