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  1. no probs mate understand the problem, it aint easy if you arent addicted in pc parts
  2. maybe im outdated but dont u need some other processors for x99 ?
  3. OC

    is it ok with this overvolting
  4. you are a god mate couldnt find anything except the first usb port sleep
  5. Tested it also same thing also speed went from 55mbs to 5 mbs and ping rise 12 ms
  6. actually know the problem now its because the usb port is using too much voltage and windows 10 shuts it down but how can i change that?
  7. no i have unlimited and works wiht my friends pc without problems its just with my pc when i have win10 in win7 it wont shutdown and its fairly new since it began after latest win update i have used 500 gb this last 6 months
  8. ok trying to get my interwebs working nicely i use my phone as internet as i have 4g 100 mbs but when i try to donload something through origin/steam etc it shutdowns the usb port im using, i have taken away the usb sleep mode so cant be that. if it helps using a am3 970 pro gaming/aura with a 8350 and rx480 650 watt powersupply, anybody know how i can fix it?
  9. why do i have VIP still saw it yesterday when i joined and jumped through everyone else?
  10. well we have different opinions i am sorry that we cant talk about it i here for will leave viva as i dont think i need to be in the clan thank you and bye
  11. and to everyone else ofcourse i think that they deserve second chance but sometimes it just gets so damn hard for me to want to give it to them you know? bcs it keeps happening time after time and yes its adifferent person i know but you can learn from other peoples mistakes ( and yes i want to give everyone a second chance some deserve it some dont never stated that @1st_Drag00n dont ) but now to not spam this thread u want me something you can reach me on this site to write in private. now thats said have a goodnight and dont think i want to chase wps with pitchforks they really make me want to become a better player.......... yeah that means i am bad as i get this little light inside of me that makes me happy when i kill a wp in a heli or tank it just makes my heart warm
  12. well i can state for the record i dont give a fuck about WP i mean i play about 1-3 games per week and mostly during nights so i dont meet WP so much, what i think of them is that they are a clan full of good players with skills in BF so why i stated Wp in the thing is that he is WP the plays on VIVA servers THEY all know the rules. doestn matter to me if they would be a clan called pink nipples in neil degrasse tysons ballsack, in my opinion it just makes it worse if you are in a clan that is purely for players who try their best all the time, yet i dont know if they do it as they are on VIVA killing players in lower lvls of skill so i dunno they just be average and the rest of us suck at bf, but its my opinion you cant change it ( except for a small loan of a million dollars)
  13. i was refering to the fact that all WPs get special treatment they all play on the server they know the rules and they keep breaking the rules i mean yeah i know what you mean but clearly he knows the rules I have played on your servers for 3 years and really enjoy playing with you guys. 3 fucking years cant the rules then u shouldnt fucking own a internet connection ffs, but yeah i cant even vote if it is ok that he gets free or not i just mean sometimes u need to show an example, but do what u want
  14. what has a truck company done vs star wars