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  1. Oh come on, he could easily send the message forth!
  2. You give enough a shit to go cry about it on a ban appeal forum. Oh great it double posted @kirikou97212 help
  3. You give enough a shit to go cry about it on a ban appeal forum.
  4. Psychadellics are a wonder, are you sure you're not on some?
  5. Man, I've been in the slow SSDless world, now that I load fast, I thought the pain of feeling it would be over, but now I still do from seeing so many others who load in slower. Once you've been there, you can't just wipe it under a rug.
  6. Donated, hope you guys stay afloat and keep up the good deeds!
  7. #1 is the one that I'd like this to be implemented on
  8. There's been plenty of times now where one of the teams would have the unfortunate platter of players loading in slower than the other team, which means everyone goes out and caps the points while the other team has spawned maybe a few players who can't really combat that. I've seen on other servers that this can be averted with the whole, waiting for players to ready up, say 10 on each team before the game properly starts up. Just an idea for those games where the team that loaded in faster ends up taking all the points and due to it keeping them for the majority of the game. A quick search got me to this, idk if it's outdated but yeah, I think I get the idea behind it. http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/forum/threadview/2979150494058906341/ Thoughts?
  9. Why on earth did I even click this... I didn't even watch it..
  10. I am dissapointed in you... You're basically choosing between two shit alcohol beverages Where'd the weed go man, what happened?
  11. "I'm not sure if you have any questions or concerns please visit the lockouts page and the other day I was a good foxie" I went over twenty cause I was curious where this horribly intelligent looking sentence was going to... whelp.
  12. Well.. If I wasn't late to this, I would have added my opinion, but meh. I don't even know what I'm doing here.
  13. The moment I got to this lovely response, I knew that there was probably no turning back for this poor soul... And a song started playing in my head...