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  1. So apparently they have the ability to kick and ban, in game admin controls and the ability to have a VIP list. So where do we stand now?
  2. Ah ok got you
  3. I would really doubt that it's the power supply. The 7950 will need more power than the new card. So in theory if it copes with the heavier card it should be fine. Personally I would try another new PCI-E cable before condemning the PSU.
  4. The thing that got me was the fact that PC servers are costing 50% more than the console servers. With no reasons given!?
  5. Yeah, you need to learn how to use these > ""
  6. I've got the same keyboard and mouse. Brilliant. If you go onto youtube you can get profiles for them. The Star Wars one is mint!
  7. This has probably been posted here before but... fuck it! This has to be (in my opinion) one of the greatest speeches ever made, by a man famous for being silent. So much rings true even nowadays!
  8. Well that's some more reading then there are a few folks on here with custom loops that might be able to help you out @bizzl3, @iClustaFlux, @Gravetongue
  9. If you want quick and easy watercooling your best bet is an AIO system like the Corsair H100 v2 or something along those lines. It you want to spend a bit and get something that performs and looks better then a custom loop is where you should be looking. When it comes to overclocking you are best reading up as much as you can. It's best to understand as much as possible before you start. Sites like have guides for beginners.
  10. You should be able to up the quality but what areas you can improve and by how much is just trial and error. If your not fussed about quality and want to focus more on performance then this video might help. It also tells you how to limit your frames. It would mean that your not working the GPU to its limit, save you a bit of leccy and give you better temps.
  11. You would see an improvement but there wouldn't be much reason to OC a 1080 as it has great perfomance at stock (unless you wanted to for shits and giggles). As for the 8350 you would see a fair improvement but only try this if you have a big air cooler or (preferably) watercooling as that CPU runs hot even at stock!
  12. ^That^
  13. Yes 2 are better but they aren't always guaranteed to be supported and if they are, they can still be quite temperamental. Yeah, the 10 series is the latest. What is your budget if you don't mind me asking?
  14. With a monitor like this I would say go as much as you can on your GPU and you would benefit more from an Nvidia card because it has G-SYNC. Some games are more reliant on the CPU but with the 8350 I wouldn't worry, it's a capable processor (I have one). GPU bottlenecking also won't be an issue. That's only really an issue for lower end CPU's
  15. That's what I was thinking, so unless there is a monitor upgrade in the pipeline then there isn't really any point pushing for more than the monitor is capable of, a 480 will more than handle it and save some pennies for other bits (or beer )